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Candy on the Rocking Horse

Candy has fun going back and forth on the rocking horse, the padded seat feels good pressed against her double, thick white diapers. 



Luna Visits Nurse Amber

Luna has been trying her very best to be a big girl, but wishing and wanting isnt enough to keep her pullups dry. It's only been a week since Mommy and the Doctor took away her panties, but now Nurse Amber says she needs even thicker padding to soak up all her accidents. Mommy and the nurse try to soothe poor little Luna, but when her fussing becomes too much they hold her down and carefully cut away the wet pullup between her legs. Mommy slips a paci between her quivering lips while the nurse gets her diaper ready. Mommy helps the nurse powder and fit her - taking extra care with her pretty little pussy - before the tapes go on and Luna is stuck in a big, thick, Baby diaper! The nurse gives her a lollipop to help her settle into the idea of being a real pampered baby from now on.


Diaper Change For Sunnie

Sunnie is very wet, so wet she starts getting fussy.  But Mommy Apple comes just in time to change Sunnie and make her happy again.


Binkie and Claire

Binky and Claire have a playdate, though they might be more interested in each others bodies -and diapers- than all the pretty toys. The shy little babies strip off their diaper cover and tights to be nakey; besides their padded bottoms of course!


Luna in Cloth

Luna loves how soft and fluffy her cloth diaper feels.  It's almost a shame that she has to change, but she needs the extra protection and absorbency that disposables provide.


Cheshire Diapers Herself

Watch the beautiful Cheshire change out of her sexy black underwear and into a soft white diaper.


Bunny Diapers Herself

Bunny is naughty and nice in a little pink babydoll dress. Daddy told her that her private parts are private, and she shouldn't lift her dress, but she wont tell if you wont tell! The view only gets better when she teases her way out of her panties and powders her cute lil butt before taping herself into a diaper.


Diaper Therapy for Sasha

Sasha is trying out a new therapist to help deal with stress.  She has no idea that her "therapy" will involve treatment that leaves her empty headed and diaper dependent.  


Amber and Candy Play

Amber and Candy suck on pacifiers and play with toys in the play pen.  What fun!


Lolette Changes Stephie

Lolette feeds Stephie a yummy bottle and changes her wet diaper in the crib.


Diaper Change for Binkie

Binkie wakes up in a wet diaper, but she has to wait for Mommy Apple to come and let her out of her crib.  Mommy leads Binkie over to the changing table and puts her in a nice, dry diaper to start the day.


Claire in Lingerie and Diapers

Claire pairs her sexy black lingerie with an all white diaper just to tease you! Which is more distracting -- her breasts, or the way her diaper crinkles when she rubs her pussy through all that padding?


Lolette and Winnie - Diaper Clinic Change

Lolette is in the regression clinic.  Doctor Winnie has her in bondage until she wets her diaper.  Winnie teaches Lolette how to suck on things, and she has to do it to Winnies satisfaction if she wants a diaper change.


Ashley Plays in the Ball Pen

Trainer Ashley is a pokemon master -- the very wettest! like no one ever was. She shows off her gym badges, her favorite pokemon, and of course a very think ABU 'Little Paws' diaper before stripping off her shirt and sexy black bra to show you something a little more personal in the ball pit, hehe.


Ellie Gets a Spanking

Ellie has been a bad girl and Mommy Apple has to teach her a lesson.  Apple has the perfect punishment - a spanking, thick fluffy diaper and an embarrassingly cute pink top with lots of bows.


Lolette Diapers the Babysitter Pt-2

Now that Lolette has the babysitter in a diaper she takes her to the nursery for some baby training.  Sasha is going to have to learn how to stack blocks, suck a pacifier, wet, and one more thing, cum in her wet diaper.


Candy Desk Diaper Change

Candy has to wear diapers to work, she is wearing an extra soft and thick Beesana diaper under sheer tights with a short skirt.  she changes her self and uses a vibrating wand until she cums.


Stephie and Lolette

Lolette has put Stephie down for a nap, she comes to check Stephie's diaper and feeds fer a bottle of milk.


Claire Changed by 2 Mommies

Lucky little Claire is being babied by two Mommies at once!  Amber keeps her distracted with a baby rattle & bottle of milk, while Apple gently changes her soaking wet diaper.


Binkie Kitten Pet Play

Binkie is a mischievous little kitten that can't be left alone. Mommy keeps her caged while she's busy, with plenty of toys and a cute pull-up (just in case!).  When Binkie wets her pull-up Amber changes her into a pink L4B diaper.


Emma Playpen

Emma has been left alone in the playpen, while no one is looking she humps and bounces on her pillows and teddy bears.


Candy Hunts for Eggs

Candy has fun dressing up like a bunny and looking for Easter eggs.


Sasha - Out of Training Pants

Sasha might be big girl enough to wear training pants during the day, and she definitely enjoys the way they bunch between her legs and make her waddle (it's so embarrassing it makes her pussy tingle!) but when it comes to teasing Daddy nothing is quite as effective as a diaper. Are you watching, Daddy?? Sasha wiggles out of her training pants before climbing onto the changing table to lay out a fresh diaper for herself. She has a little too much fun rubbing lotion into her pretty princess parts... and the powder puff feels so good! but the real satisfaction is the tight hug of her diaper once its fully fastened. Will you pick her up and carry her to bed? Not that she intends to sleep any time soon...


Cheshire POV Humiliation

In this small penis humiliation POV Cheshire is very mean!  She teases and locks baby up in diapers while taking about finding a real man to satisfy her.


Stephie Pink Dress and Tights

Stephie is looking cute as a button in her pretty pink dress, pink tights and thick disposable diaper.  She feels so good all wrapped up in so many pretty layers and textures, she can't resist using the vibrating wand and sucks her thumb.


Lolette Babysits Candy

Babysitter Lolette is looking after Candy.  Candy plays with blocks and tries to get Lolette's attention before wetting her diaper.  Lolette thinks her wet diaper is cute and wants her to wet more so she gives candy a bottle of milk and pets her wet diaper.


Ashley Changes

Ashley is just barely big enough to change her own diaper, but she still needs to be supervised. Watch this little cutie strip down to her bare bottom and get powdered before getting padded in a pink nursery print diaper. Ashley is all smiles for you and she can't resist showing off her diapered bottom or her boobies! Don't tell Mommy ;-)


Amber Nurses Oliver

Amber is watching little Oliver and they have fun playing with toys together.  Amber realizes it's time for Oliver's bottle and when he's done with that she takes off her shirt and nurses him.  Yummy!


Binkie in Pullups

Binkie is having fun in her pink Pullups.  She changes out of her wet training pants, into double diapers and sucks her thumb. 


Luna and Amber Bathtime

Amber and Luna are having a girls night in, and it starts with a relaxing bubble bath in their diapers. Once the water soaks through their shirts curiosity wins out over shyness, and the girls get hands with each other while the water soaks their diapers to round, swollen, sodden perfection.


Lolette Diapers the Babysitter

Lolette has a surprise for her Babysitter Sasha, she wants to play a game of dress up and she gets to pick what Sasha wears.  Of course, Lolette picks a thick pink Rearz Princess diaper and pink pacifier to match. 


Ellie in a Contour Cloth Diaper

Ellie looks so cute and cuddly in her double thick contour gauze cloth diaper.  She drinks a bottle of milk and cuddles her soft teddy bear.


Cry Baby Bunny

Bunny is pouty because her diaper is wet.  She pleads with her eyes for a diaper change but she has to do it all by herself.  That's ok because she can take her time, doing it just how she likes.  When she finally has her new fluffy diaper on she feels much better and has fun humping Mr. Bear.


Amber Changes into Cushies

Amber's thick Fabine diaper is nice and wet.  She picks out a new diaper to put on, an ABU Cushie.  She takes her time rubbing in the lavender scented lotion and powder before snuggle taping up the fresh diaper up.


Luna Diapers Herself

Luna is such a bratty little tease! She knows what you wanna see, but it's so much more fun to make you wait for it. Are you watching? The panties are coming down, but the the real treat is watching her lotion and powder her soft, smooth little pussy before she tapes up her diaper. That thick padding between her legs turns this wanna-be big girl right back into a cute little baby, all smiles and grabby hands for her paci and elephant mobile now that she's got the right 'underwear' on :)


Amber and Apple Nurse Claire

Apple and Amber are taking special care of Claire.  They take turns feeding her bottles of milk until the little baby wets her diaper.  Then the girls move on to breastfeeding her instead.


Candy, Lolette and a lot of Diapers

Candy is a sweetheart bubblegum princess that likes to share her toys and make friends. Lolette can't help but tease her by stealing her paci and hoarding all the toys for herself. Candy likes pastel colors and cute things while lolette is into comic books and video games -- but even so, the girls bond over double thick diapers and a love of baby bottles of milk. 


Amber Wets a Tena Diaper

Amber is getting ready to go out, she wets but she is not exactly ready to change. So, instead of changing, Amber slips on some plastic pants for extra protection against leaks before putting on her little black dress.


Bunny ABU

Bunny is so excited to put on an ABU diaper.  She takes time rubbing in the slick baby lotion the and then cums in her soft, thick diaper.


Ashley Diapers Up

Trainer Ashley has 8 gym badges under her belt, but potty training is still a work in progress. She tapes on a thick Little Paws diaper and packs her backpack with everything a little big baby girl could need for an adventure. 


Winnie Diapers and Nurses Claire

Claire Just got a spanking for taking her diapers off without permission.  Winnie knows Claire has learned her lesson, so she nicely puts her in a new diaper and nurses her.


Bathtime for Bunny

Bunny has fun getting her diapers wet in the bath.


Stephie and Apple Play

Stephie and Apple have fun with toys in the playpen.


Luna Changes

In this sexy cute video Luna is wearing lingerie and is having fun teasing the camera.  She is wet so she takes off her lingerie and changes herself.


Amber Changes Oliver

Oliver loves being diapered for playtime. His playpen and blocks are lots of fun, but when it's time for a change he needs Mommy's help. Amber is happy to help him up onto the changing table, but not before she makes his face red from squishing his wet diaper! Mommy takes extra special care to wipe his cock and bottom all clean before tucking him into a fresh diaper with lots of powder. 


Amber Reads to Luna

Little Christmas baby Luna opens a present and gets a story read to her by Mommy Amber.  Luna has fun playing with toys and crinkling her diaper.


Luna Gets Diapers for Christmas

Luna was an extra good girl this year and there was one thing she really, really wanted this Christmas and that's diapers.  Momma Amber makes sure Luna's Christmas wish comes true.


Candy - Diaper, Apron and Tights

Candy looks and feels so cute in layers of diapers, ruffles, apron and tights!  She has fun taking off the layers one by one until she is in nothing but a diaper. 


Bunny and Lolette Try Enemas Pt-1

Lolette and Bunny are diapering each other but Bunny wants Lolette to try something new.  Bunny wants Lolette to try an enema with her.  They take turns administering the enemas and diapering each other.


Bunny and Lolette Try Enemas Pt-2

In the seconds half of this video they let their enemas go.  Lolette is embarrassed at first but admits she likes how it feels.


Claire Crib Diaper Change

Beautiful princess Claire changes her pink princess diapers in the crib. 


Lolette Diapers Alex

It's Lolette's turn to diaper Alex.  She has lot of fun teasing his cock with lots of lotion and baby powder before taping him up.  It makes her feel really horny so she humps his diaper until she cums.


Kit Changed by Apple

This is Kits first time getting put in a diaper by Apple.  In this super sweet scene Apple gives Kit a pacifier and puts her in an extra thick Bambino Bellissimo with a stuffer.


Bunny Play Room

Bunny plays with teddies and cars in the playroom, but even the colorful toys can't distract her from the need to pee. She keeps squeezing her thighs together and groping at the thick padding under her onesie. Is she wet? Maybe you should check...


Nurse Amber Changes Claire

Nurse bunny has a secret -- as much as she loves fucking her helpless little patients into thick padding, what she really wants is a diaper for herself. It feels so soft when she unfolds it! It's exciting to feel it press against her bare pussy, but the experience isn't complete without lotion and powder. You won't tattle on her, will you..?


Little Sailor Candy

Candy has on a cute sailor-style onesie she takes it off and wets her diaper.  She sucks on a bottle of milk and cuddles her teddy bear.


Nurse Bunny is Wet

Nurse Bunny is back in her soaking wet Tena diaper, she undresses and finds her vibrator.  It feels so good through her wet squishy diaper.


Nurse Bunny

Nurse bunny has a secret -- as much as she loves fucking her helpless little patients into thick padding, what she really wants is a diaper for herself. It feels so soft when she unfolds it! It's exciting to feel it press against her bare pussy, but the experience isn't complete without lotion and powder. You won't tattle on her, will you..?


Ellie Goth Baby Bondage

Mommy Apple demonstrates how to properly care for a spooky baby vampire.


Candy Black Diaper and Tights

Candy feels so turned on in her thick black diaper silky tights.  She takes her time rubbing and pressing on all the layers.  When she's ready she takes her tights off and uses the vibrating magic wand until she orgasms.


Lolette Diapers Candy

Lolette and Candy agreed to go to the Halloween party as diaper girls, but Candy is feeling shy. When it's time to go Lolette is dressed head to toe in black, with a black Favine diaper to match! But Candy is still hiding panties under her skirt. No way is Lolette letting her get away with that! If there was ever a little big girl that needed diapers, it's candy. Doesn't she remember the puddle she made at last year's party??!


Claire Is Wet

Claire fell asleep nestled against the giant teddy bear, but she wakes up with a wet diaper that needs to be changed.  Claire is wearing a vintage plastic Abena S4 and she changes into a vintage ABU SDK.



Baby Stephie

Welcome our newest model Baby Stephie, this is her first time at the ABDreams Nursery.  She has lots of fun playing with toys and sucking on her pacifier, she looks great in the Bambino Magnifico too!


Ellie in Black Diapers

Ellie makes for the cuties little goth baby!  She even has a black AIO cloth diaper to match her outfit. ❤


Apple Changes Candy

Candy is having fun playing with blocks, but when Mommy finds out how wet her diaper is, it's time for Candy to lay down so Mommy can change her.  Candy doesn't fuss about having her playtime interrupted though, because Mommy Apple makes diaper-time feel so nice.


Lolette and Amber Change Oliver

It's past baby Oliver's bedtime, and mommies Lolette and Amber help him get ready. First, they say bye-bye to his big boy underwear and replace them with a nice, soft, fluffy diaper. Both mommies take their time rubbing lotion into his skin, with extra special attention paid to his private parts! Theyre just as thorough with the powder, and by the time Mommy is ready to tape up his diaper Oliver is so excited that Mommy decides to double diaper him, to keep his baby cock tucked away, safe and swaddled, in padding. Goodnight, Oliver! Mommy loves you.


Naughty Mandie POV Pt-2

In the second part of this naughty POV of Mandie, Mandie finds the special toy Daddy has bought for her.  She cums again and then diapers herself.



Claire Bear

Claire looks super cute in her teddy bear hoodie, and her vintage small Bambino diaper fits perfectly.  She cuddles the giant teddy bear and wets.


Bunny Nurses Amber

Caregiver Bunny is looking after Baby Amber.  Bunny feeds Amber a bottle of milk and nurses her sweetly.  Amber looks so adorable in the Bambino Magnifico diaper, Bunny can't help but give Amber diaper pats and rubs.


Naughty Mandie POV

In this super naughty POV video Mandie is a guided by her Daddy into having an orgasm in her diaper.


Diaper Maid Amber

Cleaning up after all the babies at the ABDreams nursery is hard, messy work ... which is why we got a maid! Amber looks sexy in the black and white frills, but a note from Mommy reminds that her uniform isn't complete without a big, thick, fluffy white diaper underneath. She can't resist teasing us while she gets changed, after which she poses to show off the padding between her legs.


Naptime Change

Bunny puts Van down for a nap, she checks to see if he's wet and thinks he could be wetter.  Mommy Bunny puts Van in bondage for the rest of his nap, when he wakes up Bunny is there to change his very wet diaper.


Apple Changes Claire

Mommy Apple lovingly feeds Baby Claire a bottle of milk and changes her wet diaper.  Apple uses lots of lotion and powder on Claire before taping the pink DC Amor extra snug.


Candy Gets Ready For Bed

Candy teases you with multiple views of her cloth diaper and the crinkly plastic pants over top of it. She gives you a peek under her dress to show off all that soft padding, smiling coyly while she crawls around with her toys, before taking her dress off all together. It's almost bedtime for little babies, and since both her teddies are littler than her she reads them a bedtime story before getting tucked in to snuggle, and sleep. Cute!


Sasha AIO Diaper

Sasha is such a cute little baby, she loves diapers and she can't wait to wear her extra fluffy cloth AIO diaper.  But she can't change until she wets!


Ellie Changed Out Of Training Pants

Training pants might be enough for Ellie during the day, but at night she needs extra protection.  Mommy Apple undresses her, lifts her onto the changing table, and wraps her up in a very soft cloth diaper.


Sasha Changes

Sasha takes off her lingerie and changes her wet Molicare diaper.


Bunny Candy Play-Date

Bunny and Candy are having a sexy play-date.  Stuffed animals and toys are nice, but these Babies are more interested in cuddling and kissing one another.


Cheshire Sent to the Nurses Office

Cheshire showed up to class without her diaper on, so she has been sent to the nurses office to fix that.  Nurse Lolette and Nurse Matilda make sure Cheshire doesn't forget her diaper ever again by embarrassing her and giving her a butt plug before diapering her and sending her back to class.


Abby Nap Time Bondage Change Pt-3

Mommy Lolette, gets a fresh diaper for Abby and changes her in the crib.  Then Lolette helps Abby finish drinking her bottle, hopefully now Abby will nap.


Abby Nap Time Bondage Pt-2

Baby Abby has been put down for a nap by Mommy Lolette. Abby has a habit of touching those naughty places that belong only to mommy, which is why nap time includes a pair of soft cuffs. Not that they stop her from trying... who knew that humping a pillow could feel so good, even with a thick diaper in the way.


Abby Nap Time Bondage Wetting Pt-1

Baby Abby has been caught being naughty by Lolette, and even though she is in soft bondage she is still being fussy and not taking a nap.  Mommy Lolette gets her out of the crib but still keeps her in soft bondage. Lolette gives her a bottle and makes Abby wet, Lolette thinks it wetting will help calm Abby down.


Amber's Blue Dress

Amber shows off her pretty dress and tights, as well as the extra thick, vintage Fabine diaper she has on underneath.


Claire - Diaper Bondage and Orgasm

Claire has been too fussy for her own good -- but Mommy knows how to fix that. Maybe a little alone time, tied down to the changing table with soft cuffs, will help Mommy's special little girl behave herself. No? Then how about a little tease with Mommy's grown up toy? Gosh, look at Claire pout!  Mommy forces a pacifier in her bratty baby's mouth, but it quickly becomes clear that nothing is going to soothe little Claire except some one on one time with Mommy's breasts ♡ ... and maybe a little more of the hitachi, hehe


Sasha Diaper Lover in Molicares

Sasha slips off her cute halter top and shorts so she can wear some sexy lingerie.  Which outfit looks better over her snug Molicare diaper?


Apple Changes into a Pink Princess Diaper

Apple is having a fun time playing with her teddy bear. Then she changes out of her soaking wet, double thick, ABU Simple Diaper and into a fluffy, soft and PINK Princess MyDiaper.


Candy Puts On a Cloth Diaper

Baby candy wiggles her way out of her big girl panties so she can change into a soft cloth diaper. The softness of the fluffy rug underneath her along with the press of her cloth diaper between her legs distracts her from putting the diaper on, and she takes a minute to suck her thumb while rubbing the padding against her smooth little pussy. Rather than a bottle of powder, baby candy uses a soft powder puff to sprinkle it onto her pussy before patting her bum with it. When it's time to pull the patting back up and into place Candy cant help but curl her toesies and squirm like the little baby she is. By some miracle, she manages to pin her diaper into place before completely regressing -- and then its all about the soft toys, and crawling on her fluffy cloud rug!


Bunny and Van Play

Bunny and Van play in the playpen filled with lots of oversized soft toys, they are both dressed in really cute matching outfits and big thick diapers. What fun!


Amber Changes

Amber undresses and changes her wet diaper.  It's easy to feel little when you have adorable printed diapers, a bottle of milk and a giant teddy bear to cuddle.


Claire Playtime

Claire gets to play in the ball-pen - what a lucky little girl!  She looks great in an vintage small Bambino diaper.


Ellie Kitten

Ellie makes the cutest Baby Kitten, especially in her soft & fuzzy cloth diaper - it even has a tail!  Since she's just a Baby, she needs to stay a playpen to be kept out of trouble, but there are plenty of kitty toys to play with, and a big teddy bear for her to pounce on!


Claire In Pink Diapers

It's Claire's nap time, but something is making her restless.  Funny feelings inside her diaper make her want to touch it and rub it against her pillow.  When that isn't enough, Claire uses her magic wand to make herself cum.  Now she can sleep like a baby!


Zoe - Forced Regression

Zoe's Daddy puts her in a diaper and makes her drink a bottle.


Sophie in Cloth

This is Sophie's first visit to Abdreams, she wanted to look extra cute for you in a dress, tights, and a cute diaper cover. Sophie is wearing a thick, pink, cloth diaper and even though she wants to show it to you, lifting her dress makes this little cutey so bashful! That is, until she gets cheeky enough to take it off, and remembers how much fun it is to be a nakey babygirl.


Amber Changes Apple

Fussy little Apple wets her diaper, and is in need of a change.  Amber is happy to help Apple get changed before bed time. 


Bunny Changed By Daddy D

Daddy D changes Bunny's wet diaper.  He makes sure it feels extra good for her - she orgasms twice while being lotioned and powdered before being put back into soft thick padding.


Koneko Plays on The Rocking Horse

Koneko enjoys some time in little-space, drinking a bottle of milk and riding on the rocking horse.


Candy - Bondage and Tights

Candy is such a silly girl; she still thinks wetting her diapers is an option. Maybe some time alone in the crib will sort her out. No? Then how about if we tie the little crybaby down with soft cuffs, plastic sheets, and a nice thick diaper between her legs... she's still complaining, so let's add a pacifier gag to sooth her. Think she's ready to wet yet? Let's take off her tights and get a good look at that diaper!


Claire Changes

Clair looks extra cute in her girly romper, but after some ba-ba she decides she'd rather be a naked baby ❤ but once the clothes come off she gets distracted by the wet state of her diaper. It feels good to rub it... She untapes her diaper to get cleaned up and takes her time with the powder -- it's so soft it's almost tickly! but of course, once she'd tucked into a fresh diaper the urge to rub all that soft padding against her pussy is just as distracting, hehe...


Amber Changes Bunny

Baby Bunny has a wet diaper, and it's starting to make her feel fussy.  Luckily, Mommy Amber is nearby, and she comes to the rescue with a dry diaper for her wet babygirl. 


Candy Changes

andy looks super cute in pullups but they just aren't thick enough.  So, she changes herself in to a thick white diaper.


Luna and Nurse Lolette

Luna's trip to the ABDreams regression clinic is off to a rough start. She's the naughty sort of little big girl that can't be trusted to behave herself without the help of restraints and a pacifier gag. Nurse Lolette seems to enjoy teasing Luna and she even tugs on poor Luna's sensitive little nipples before cutting off her big girl panties. The Nurse is VERY handsy when it comes time to lotion and powder her baby patient, and she doesn't relent even after Luna is forced back into diapers.



Moon Changes Bubbles

Mommy moon sweetly changes Bubbles before putting her to bed.


Amber and Apple

These cute little girls are playing and cuddling together in their jammies - and very thick diapers.



Forced Sissification

Mommy loves her little boy, but everyone knows there's nothing sweeter than a diapered baby girl. Poor Little Van is embarrassed by the dress, bib, booties, and bonnet his mommy got for him, but Mommy isn't taking no for an answer.



Lolette and Arianna's Little Play Date

Lolette and Arianna look so cute having a Littles play date.  What fun!


Bunny in Safari Diapers

Bunny is such a Baby - wearing a diaper and laying in the crib is enough to make her very turned on.  Since she's by herself, sucking her pacifier and grinding against her teddy bear is all she can do to deal with the naughty feelings she's having.


Little Bunnies Apple and Claire

Happy Easter from everybunny at ABDreams!

Apple and Claire have fun looking for eggs, and wearing our cute Easter dresses and tights.  We even have bunny ears!


Koneko Changes her Vintage Attend Diaper

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some Vintage Attends, and Koneko looks great in them.  Now she is so wet, she has to change.  Koneko puts on a more recent 6 tab Attends, can you tell the difference?


Winnie Spanks Claire

Claire is being a naughty little girl.  Her wet diaper starts to make her feel fussy, but instead of calling Mommy for help, she decides to take it off all by herself.  Of course, Claire gets caught in the act, and quickly finds herself bent over Mommy Winnie's lap for a spanking.  Afterward, Claire has to sit back down on her open wet diaper while she waits for her Mommy to change her.


Cheerleader Bunny Changes Her Diaper

At school she's the 'It' girl, the pretty and popular one that looks so sexy she's definitely out of your league... but what if she had a secret? Something embarrassing that only you knew about, something like a bladder control problem that forced her to wear thick white diapers, just like a baby! If you had something like that to hold over her head then you could get her to do whatever you want, right?! Wroooong! For that to work, she would actually have to be embarrassed about her diapers!  There's only one thing Bunny loves more than all that soft, thick padding between her legs and that's wetting it! The diaper she has on is already soaked to the limit.  She changes her diaper and rubs them until she cums.


Moon Nurses Baby Bubbles

Moon is watching Bubbles in the playpen.  Cute little Bubbles has an oral fixation she wants to satisfy.  She tries a baby rattle and Mommy moon gives her a bottle of milk but that only keeps Bubbles attention for so long.  What she really wants is to nurse on Moon...


Koneko Wets After Her Nap

Koneko is finishing her afternoon nap.  She was sleeping like a baby, but wakes up.   She takes off her cute, printed onesie and wets her diaper. 


Candy Plays in the Ball Pit

Candy is surrounded by so many brightly colored toys that she's regressed right into littlespace, but that doesn't stop her from being a little tease! She makes sure you can see her wiggling her thickly padded bottom while she splashes around in the ball pit and even strips off her shirt to be a nakey baby.


Moon Reads to Baby Bubbles

Mommy Moon has her sweet baby-doll Bubbles all tied up with a vibrator attached to her extra thick diaper.  Moon reads her a silly story until Bubbles helplessly she cums in front of her.


Special Formula for Lolette

Lolette is about to find out the hard way that the regression clinic has a strict penalty program for employees that break their code of conduct. Nurse Matilda and Doctor Cheshire strip off her provocative adult clothes and force Lolette onto the exam table. Soft pink baby mittens and medical restraints take away her ability to resist while Doctor and Nurse examine her most private parts! but that isn't humiliating enough... The Doctor decides that full regression treatment is what little Lolette needs. The secret regression formula is force-fed to Lolette with a pacifier syringe and the effects are immediate. Her body starts to feel flushed, and tingly, and she desperately wants to touch all those naughty places her mittens keep her from getting at! But what's worse is the effect the treatment has on her mind. It isn't long before Lolette can barely form words, and the resistant adult she used to be is replaced a very needy, very fussy, adult baby; and what do babies need? Diapers of course!


Apple Jammies

Baby Apple is sleeping in the crib, wearing her cute onesie with built in mittens and extra thick white diapers - her favorite.  She wakes up and plays in the crib a little bit until she asks for help getting her PJs off.


Sasha Changes Candy

Candy is playing when her wet diaper starts to get her attention.  Loving mommy, Sasha, sweetly changes little Candy's wet diaper.


Bunny - Diaper, Petticoat and Tights

Bunny shows off her 'baby' printed padding under a pink tutu and ruffle-butt tights. The extra ruffles and frills were meant to tease you, but they don't last long. As soon as her tutu gets in the way of crinkling the plastic of her diaper Bunny wiggles it off her hips and round diapered bottom -which she can't resist wiggling at you!


Kitten Play with Claire and Bubbles

Clair is a naughty little kitten that refuses to be potty trained, prompting Mommy to adopt some extreme measures. It's 24/7 diapers for Clair, with a pair of locking plastic pants secured over all that padding to ensure the little kitty doesn't leak but also to keep naughty paws from doing things they shouldn't! Whenever Mommy is too busy to keep an eye on her Clair is put in her cage, but it's never long before Mommy comes to get her for play time. Unfortunately, Clair is too sassy and bratty for her own good.. and has to be prompted with the crop to be on her best good girl behavior for Mommy. Clair is put through her paces, forced to drink milk from a dish, and eventually restrained in the highchair while Mommy bottle feeds her.


Cuddly Amber in the Crib

Cutie Amber wakes up from a nap, cozy and safe inside her crib.  She changes her wet diaper with lots of lotion and powder.


Nurse Moon Punishes Koneko

Koneko is such a naughty nurse, she has been hitting on her patients.  Head Nurse Moon Knows just what to do. Moon has Koneko undress, gives her a spanking, clips her to the medical table, diapers her and uses a powerful vibrating wand to make Koneko cum.


Bondage Diaper change For Claire

Apple has just ended Claire's time-out, where she was forced to wet her cute, babyish, SDK diaper.  Now it's time to change her.  She is put back into bondage for her diaper change but that doesn't mean Apple isn't going to make it feel good. Apple uses a vibrating wand on the outside of Claire's wet diaper to make her cum.


Adrianna Changes Baby Van

It's baby Van's first time at the ABDreams nursery.  Mommy Adrianna Evans feeds baby Van a warm bottle of mils and changes he soaking wet Bambino diaper.Adrianna notices Van is very excited during his change and makes him cum.


Baby Amber

This is baby Amber's first trip to the ABDreams nursery but you wouldn't know it from how sweet and eager she is to show off her diapers. All it takes is a cute onesie and a bottle of milk to have Amber properly regressed to little space! She unbuttoning her onesie to give you a closer look at the thick white padding between her legs while nursing on her bottle; the way her lips purse around the nipple looks so naughty! Amber decides she wants to be a nakey baby and takes her onesie off all together before making friends with mister bear.


Candy in Bondage

Candy is submissive, obedient, and ready to be your diapered slave.  In her sexy black diaper and matching lingerie, she's eager to show you how good she is at sucking on things - like her thumb, bottle, and pacifier.  She also has a crop ready in case you decide she has to be disciplined.  Or, maybe spending some time in bondage is what she needs.  Your little diapered slave ends up at your feet, helplessly restrained by leather cuffs and steel bars.


Lolette Changes Luna

Baby Luna is such a helpless little baby that mommy has to do everything for her, including changing her soaking wet diapers. There's no potty training for this baby girl! Mommy is going to keep her little and dependent forever... making her use her diapers just like a real baby, and fuss for Mommy's attention when she needs to be changed. Lucky for Mommy, Luna is a happy baby that likes the attention. She keeps lifting the hem of her nighty to tease Mommy with her breasts -perfect little handfuls- and her perky nipples! such a naughty baby...


Koneko in Vintage Attends

Koneko is showing off a vintage Attends diaper, and looking very sexy.  The six tape design makes it fit her curves so snugly, and the thick plastic makes that special crinkling sound.  If only they still made diapers like these!


Apple, Caught and Punished Pt-3

Now that naughty Apple has been put in diapers and bondage.  It's time for good girl Lolette's diaper change from Caretaker Adriana Evans.  They both tease baby Apple who can't do anything to stop them.


Playtime With Claire

Baby Claire plays on the floor in the nursery, drinking her bottle, playing with her feet, and enjoying the feeling of padding between her legs.  Somewhere along the way her shirt comes off, leaving her in nothing but a cute little diaper.


Apple Nurses Candy

Doesn't Candy look sweet, drinking her bottle of milk for Mommy Apple?  Apple thinks it's so cute, she just has to take her top off and breastfeed the baby.  What a lovely opportunity for Mommy and Baby to bond!


Winnie in Plastic Pants

Babygirl Winnie looks so cuddly in diapers and plastic pants.  Safe and sound inside her crib, the concerns of adulthood seem to drift away.  It's nice to feel so relaxed, but it feels even better when she uses a magic wand to make herself cum in her diaper.


Lolette Changes Arianna

Arianna is dressed as a kitten with soft ears, paws, a jingly collar, and a tail all in baby pink - just like her princess-printed diaper! She plays with soft blocks in the playpen until Mommy comes to bottle feed her some milk -- but kitty gets greedy and tugs the bottle free of Mommy's hand to feed herself! Arianna is too kittenishly cute to be properly punished for her playful behavior, though Mommy does manage to coax the mischievous little girl into laying her head in mommy's lap to be bottle fed. With Arianna laying on her back and her legs splayed wide as they are its hard to miss how soaked and squishy her diaper is.. which means its time for a change. Mommy gives baby kitty her favorite pacifier to keep her settled while Mommy gets a fresh diaper ready for her little girl.


Princess Sasha

Sasha looks so cute in her thick pink Princess Rearz diaper and princess dress.  She soon undresses and puts on sheer plastic pants with pink ruffles on the butt, it's super cute!  Sasha plays with toys and humps her giant plush unicorn giving us lots of wiggles and nice views of her diaper.


Claire Gets Caught Being Naughty

Claire has just been put down for a nap in a cute SDK diaper.  The feeling of being naked with nothing but a soft thick diaper between her legs is making her turned on.  She starts touching her diapers and breasts, then she gets out Mommy Apple's special vibrating wand. She turns on the toy and presses it against her diaper.  It feels so good until Apple catches her and gives her a spanking for being so naughty.


Claire Bondage Punishment

Claire is being punished for playing with Mommy's vibrator.  She's already been spanked and diapered, but now she has to take a time-out against the wall while Mommy forces her to drink from a baby bottle.  Claire fusses and cries, but Mommy won't let her go until she helplessly wets herself.


Luna in Black Fabine Diapers

Luna shows off her black fabine diaper- crinkling the plastic of her wet disposable before changing into a new one. Then she plays with a vibrating toy until she cums.


Bunny in ABU Space Diapers

Bunny has been triple diapered and left to play in the nursery.  The padding between her legs is so thick, its making her feel turned on and very infantile.  As a result,  Bunny's attention is focused on rubbing her diaper against things, drinking from a baby bottle, and sucking her thumb.


Arianna Changes Sam

New Baby boy, Sam, gets taken care of by his lovely Mommy, Arianna.  She wakes him up from his nap in the crib to feed him a bottle and change his wet diaper.  


Naughty Cheshire

In this very sexy video Cheshire plays with herself on top of a thick soft ABU Lavender diaper.  


Bubbles Nurses Claire

Claire is having fun playing with a train set and stuffed elephant!  Her diaper is getting really full and suddenly it makes her very fussy.  Good thing Caretaker Bubbles comes along to soothe babygirl Claire. She helps Claire clean up her toys and turns Claire's mood around.  Bubbles know just what Claire needs next and nurses her.


Koneko - Changes Into a Safari Diaper

Koneko tries the - the ABU Preschool - clothback diaper in the abdreams playroom. She shows off her padded bum from different angles while playing with her toys until -- uh oh! Somebody has to potty... koneko is blushy and embarrassed about her predicament and tried to hold it for as long as she can, but with all that soft padding pressing against her pussy it isn't long before baby koneko floods her diaper.


Apple, Caught and Punished Pt-2

Apple is in big trouble for taking her diaper off.  Bunny had left her tied to the table while she went to get Baby Lolette to come help her put Apple back in diapers, which is really embarrassing for Apple! 


Koneko Wets

Koneko tries the - the ABU Preschool - clothback diaper in the abdreams playroom. She shows off her padded bum from different angles while playing with her toys until -- uh oh! Somebody has to potty... koneko is blushy and embarrassed about her predicament and tried to hold it for as long as she can, but with all that soft padding pressing against her pussy it isn't long before baby koneko floods her diaper.


Apple Wets

Apple is almost naked, except for her bib, and her socks - and her diaper, of course.  She plays happily on the floor, but when she wets her diaper, that makes her feel fussy and needy.


Candy Changes

Candy comes home from her day out and changes her very wet diaper.


Apple in a Fabine Diaper

Apple has a new backpack, and she's happy to be showing it off.  It's great for holding her cute, little things; like her pacifier, a plush squirrel, and a fancy, pink bib. 


Luna's Dress-up Bondage

Baby Harley's regression therapy isn't going as well as we hoped. Even with a triple thick diaper between her legs - keeping her thighs spread wide, forcing the naughty little big girl to crawl - she still can't be trusted in the nursery alone. Look at those eyes, that smile! mischief in the making. Yes, from now on our baby patient will have to be restrained... Mister Bear and a pair of medical cuffs keep our extra special girl from being naughty but she still fusses when its time for a diaper check. A spreader bar solves that problem nicely. Look at all that padding -- her diaper is so thick she can't even sit down properly, let alone close her legs!


Diaper Lover Sasha

Sasha shows us her diaper lover side.  She undresses and gets out her favorite thick diaper and toy.  She plays with herself and then cums in her diaper.


Candy and Koneko Have a Play-Date

Candy and Koneko are having a little play-date today.  It's so cute to see them getting along and playing nicely together.  They help undress one another, because they both have bottles to drink.  They don't want to get any milk on their clothes, of course.  Candy does manage get drips of milk on her chest, but Koneko helpfully licks them clean - what a good friend!  At this point, can you blame either of them for forgetting about their bottles, and sucking each other's nipples instead?


Apple, Caught and Punished Pt-1

Apple has sneaked off by herself with a pair of pretty pink panties she's not supposed to have.  She takes her diaper off and wipes herself clean, but before Apple can even put them on she is caught by Miss Adriana Evans.  Adriana gives Apple a firm spanking and cuffs her to the table.  Apple protests as Adriana goes to get Apple's sister to help diaper her...


Naptime Diapers for Claire

Claire is grown up enough for Mommy to let her wear training pants during the day, but she still needs extra protection when she's asleep.  Mommy Apple is putting Claire down for a nap, and that means it's time for Mommy's Little Angel to be put into a diaper.  As Mommy gently rubs the baby lotion and powder onto Claire's most sensitive parts, her loving touch helps Baby to relax before drifting off to sleep.


Luna's Halloween Costume

It's October, and Little Luna is already getting into the holiday spirit of Halloween.  She may not be able to go trick-or-treating yet, but it's not too early for her to try on her adorable Harley Quinn costume.  She's also trying out super-thick diapers with plastic pants - when Halloween comes, this little girl won't need to stop having fun for diaper changes.


Cheshire in an ABU Lavender Diaper

Cheshire looks so cute in the new ABU Lavender Diaper.  She plays around in her nursery and drinks a bottle of milk.  She is such a sweet little baby.


Apple Nurses Sunnie

Babygirls need to drink lots of milk, and little Sunnie is no exception.  Mommy Apple gently encourages Sunnie to drink from her bottle, but Sunnie would much rather be breastfed like a baby.  Apple is happy to indulge her, because nursing is a lovely way for Mommy to bond with her Baby - and it feels so good when Sunnie's little mouth latches onto Mommy's nipples.


Maid Candy Changes Lolette

Little Baby Lolette needs care and supervision at all times.  When her Mommy is away, Loli is looked after by pretty maid, Candy.  Candy is always close by, ready to take care of Loli's needs - like diaper changes, and putting her down for naps - whether Loli wants her too or not.  Some light bondage helps ensure that Baby Lolette's fussing doesn't get out of hand during her change, and that she stays put for nap-time.


Nurse Koneko Changes Her Diaper

Nurse Koneko is all done taking care of her Teddy Bear patients.  Now it's time for her to take care of herself.  She changes out of her cloth diaper into a cute and thick Fabine disposable.  She drinks her bottle of milk and then slips a vibrating toy into her diaper.  She wiggles around and rubs her self where it feels good until she cums.


Arianna in Bondage

Arianna is in nothing but a diaper and black bondage gear.   Apple makes sure it's inescapable bondage, complete with a spreader bar keeping Arianna's diaper in full view, so she can see when Arianna has completely soaked her thick, white, ABU diaper.  In Arianna's helpless position, Apple drives her wild with the vibrating Magic Wand until Arianna is made to cum. In Arianna's docile, post orgasm state Apple changes Arianna her into a new diaper and leaves her all tied up.


Claire Tries on Baby Diapers Pt-2

Adorable Baby Claire is trying on different baby diapers for Daddy.  She tries on a cute printed pull up and then changes into a size 7 baby diaper.  Rubbing the baby lotion and baby powder onto her cute pink pussy makes Claire feel so good.  In the video she uses a Magic Wand over her Pampers until she cums.


Koneko - Teddy Bear Nurse

Koneko is a cute Teddy Bear nurse, wearing nothing but her Velcro All-in-one diaper and a nurse's cap.  She diapers her little teddy bear and and takes the others bear's temperature.  After all of her hard work she cuddles up and enjoys a bottle of milk.


Luna Puts on a Tykable Overnight

This is Luna's first visit to the ABDreams Nursery, and she honestly can't wait to get diapered! Her see-through nighty doesn't last a minute and her big-girl panties are quick to follow, though not without a little booty-wiggling tease! She's a naked baby girl before she climbs onto the changing table to lay a nice, soft, thickly padded diaper underneath of herself. When it's time to powder herself Luna uses the powder puff first -- you can see how sensitive she is by the soft sounds and wanton faces she makes when the puff touches her pussy -- and finishes with another dusting straight from the bottle. Once her tapes are done up Luna is completely 'littled' out... but she still likes to show off! and her butt looks even cuter with a diaper on it.


Apple Plays in her Dino Onesie

Hi everyone! We just opened our online product store - Abdreamland.com - and Apple couldn't wait to show off one of the cute dino onesies from there. The clingy fabric hugs the shape of her diaper and gives little peeks at the colored plastic underneath. What do you think? Cute, or super cute?! Apple romps around in her onesie while playing with her trainset, and even snaps a couple pretend pictures of you with her toy camera. In the video she wets her ABU Little Paws diaper too! Hope you like it!


Claire in Baby Diapers for Daddy Pt-1

Littlest baby Clair still fits into size 7 baby diapers! She lifts her frilly dress to show you different angles of her snug-fitting pampers before undoing them, one tape at a time. Clair wiggles her way into a princess pink pull-up before loosing the straps of her dress... uh-oh! Her big baby eyes say she's surprised when her dress falls off, but her teasing smile says she knows exactly what she's doing. You get a good look at the way Clair's pullups hug her little butt when she crawls onto the bed on all fours, but it's hard not to stare at her breasts now that she's a naked babygirl!


Abby's Visit to the Diaper Clinic

Abby is a new patient at the Regression Therapy Clinic.  She still hasn't accepted the reality that she must be kept in an infantile state of mind, and diapers, for the foreseeable future.  However, Abby will adjust to the treatment soon enough, under the attentive care of Nurse Apple.  With nothing but her Patient's best interest at heart, Nurse Apple slowly breaks Abby's will to resist by keeping her restrained, making her drink milk from a baby bottle, and forcing her to cum in a wet diaper.  Now Abby is much more relaxed and docile as Nurse Apple gently changes her.


Baby Apple in Attends Diapers Pt-1

In this cute little video Apple is very regressed.  She wiggles around and plays with a rattle and stuffed toy.  The diaper she's wearing is an extra crinkly Attends. Apple fusses because she can't get to her diaper through her onesie, but with some effort she manages to get it unbuttoned at take it off, so she's a naked baby wearing nothing but her diaper, mittens and sockies!


School Girl Candy

Little Candy looks cute in her short skirt and training pants, but could anyone blame her for wanting something thicker and more babyish?  She takes off all her clothes, and puts on a diaper with a booster pad, and an adorable "I Love Daddy" onsie.


Claire Wet Her Pullup

Bubbles has taken Claire out to the park in her new cute dress, she even let Claire wear big girl pullups.  But Mommy Bubbles is disappointed her little girl didn't tell Mommy she needed to use the potty, or that she wet her training pants.  Bubbles gives Claire a spanking and puts her back in baby diapers, where she belongs.


Sorority Sisters Revenge

Cheerleader Candy and her sorority sisters have made the last week humiliating for Sasha, forcing the sexy blonde to wear thick, crinkly diapers in front of the whole school! But now it's Candy's turn for a little humiliation... Candy wakes up the morning after their big sorority party to find herself tied down to the bed with a very smug Sasha looming over her. The glass toy Sasha teases Candy's pussy with is just the beginning. Sasha wont be satisfied until the peppy cheerleader is forced into a diaper just like her!


Kitten Koneko

Diapered Domme Apple knows that it's very important to give a pet the attention and care it needs.  Even when that pet has to be kept caged and diapered, so it doesn't make a mess in the house or get into trouble.  Apple lets her Kitten, Koneko, out of it's cage to give her some special attention, and some time to play.


Bunny Diaper Girlfriend POV

You've seen Bunny in diapers, and you know how much of a turn on it is for her.  Now it's your turn! Bunny tells you everything she loves about diapers as she powders you up and then snuggly tapes you into the thick crinkly padding.  She touches her own diaper until she cums, encouraging you to do the same.


Baby Claire

ABDreams is proud to introduce our newest ABDL girl, Baby Claire!  Here she is on the changing table during her first visit to the nursery, looking cute as can be in a white pull-up.  Of course, since she is on a changing table, she can't resist trying on the thick, safari printed diaper that's been left out for her.  Which do you think looks better on her, pull-ups or diapers?


Daddy's Girls

Arianna and Apple look so cute in their matching "I love Daddy" onsies and double diapers.  They do lots of cute things to tease Daddy, like crawling into the playpen and drinking their bottles of milk, just like daddy likes.  Eventually, they unsnap their onsies and beg Daddy to come check if they're wet.


Abby Gets a Spanking

Abby is under the care and supervision of Nurse Apple.  Treated like a baby and kept in diapers at all times - she isn't allowed to make any decisions for herself.  That means when Apple says it's time to eat baby food, Abby is supposed to finish all of it like a good little girl.  When it becomes clear that Abby isn't ready to cooperate, Nurse Apple has to show her what happens to naughty girls.  The baby-patient quickly finds herself over her Nurse's knee, with her wet diaper hanging open for a bare bottom spanking!  By the time her cheeks are pink, Abby is sorry and ready to behave herself, but her punishment isn't quite over.  Apple binds her hands in padded cuffs and tapes Abby back into the same wet diaper she had on before her spanking!  She looks very upset and uncomfortable, but that doesn't stop Nurse Apple from making Abby finish the baby food and drink a bottle of milk, too.


Lolette Bondage Diaper Change

Squirmy little Lolette can't be trusted to keep her hands off her no-no place without strict help. Mommy Apple tucks each of her baby's hands into a padded mitten that locks at the wrist to keep her curious little fingers from getting into trouble. After mommy straps Lolette into the soft cuffs on the changing table its time to get that wet diaper off of her, but her naughty baby doesn't make it easy. As soon as Mommy untapes her Lolette starts to struggle, squirming on the table in a fervent attempt to reach her wet princess parts! Of course she's not allowed to touch; only Mommy gets to touch her there. Lolette starts to squirm in a different way when Mommy rubs baby lotion onto her little pussy. She can't help it! It feels so good that lolette's hips arch to try and grind against Mommy's palm. The poor baby is left more turned on then ever when its time to powder her bottom. Mommy lifts her legs out of the way to rub powder into each cheek before sprinkling a little on Lolette's cute pussy. Afterwards, Mommy tugs the extra padding up snug between Lolette's legs - nestled against that achy, sensitive spot! - just to tease her naughty, diaper-loving baby slut before it's time to tape her back up.


Sasha in Double Diapers

The best part of Sasha day is coming home to her secret stash of diapers. No one in her every day life would ever suspect that such a sexy professional can be such a little baby! But as soon as she gets home Sasha strip out of her lacy grown-up panties and shimmies out of her dress. Once the nipple of her pacifier slips between her lips she's already half way to little space, but Sasha won't be fully regressed until she's taped into her double diapers.


Candy Changes

Candy has a soaking wet diaper under her onsie, and it's time for change.  Baby powder and a fresh diaper taped between her legs feels so good, even if Candy has to do it all on her own.  She snaps her onsie back up, feeling comfy, dry, and ready for more fun!


Nurse Ophelia Puts Apple in Diapers

Little Apple is notorious around school for always wetting her pants. Even though she pretends to be embarrassed about it, the little smile she wears on her daily visits to the nurse to get changed is beginning to make it clear that Apple's soaked pullup is no accident. Today is no exception. When the nurse picks out a fresh pullup from the shelf Apple pulls a pouty face; she wants a real diaper! The nurse gives a knowing smile and picks out a cute baby printed diaper to change Apple into. Aside from a bit of squirming when it's time to lotion and powder her pussy, Apple is a very good girl. The nurse rewards her with a cherry red lollipop before sending her back to class, crinkling in a big puffy white diaper the whole way.


Luke Changes Apple

Apple is playing in the nursery with her plush unicorn when she completely soaks her diaper.  Babysitter Luke comes to make it all better!  He wipes her clean, powders and snugly tapes her into a new, fluffy Bambino Bellissimo diaper.


Candy's Pink Dress

Cute little Candy has been playing dress-up in the nursery.  She's looking absolutely adorable in her pastel pink dress, especially when she gives peeks at the diaper underneath her skirt & petticoat.  She must have decided she'll be more comfortable without all those clothes on though, because she strips down to just her diaper.  Which do you prefer - all dressed up, or nothing but a diaper?


Abby and Koneko Play

Abby and Koneko are being adorable babies on the nursery floor.  They have soft toys and bottles of milk to keep them occupied, but these little girls eventually become more interested in touching and sucking on each other's boobies.


Maid Sasha

Sasha has come over to play diaper maid.  She takes off her red dress and puts on the Tena diaper that has been left out for her.  She loves the way the cool powder feels as she sprinkles it over herself and rubs it in.  She tapes up the diaper and then soaks it before putting the maid uniform on.  She takes her time enjoying the feel of the warm, wet, diaper between her legs.


Sunnie in Cloth

Baby Sunnie is being simply adorable in her fluffy cloth diaper and ruffled plastic panties.  She has a bottle of milk, plenty of stuffies and baby toys to keep her entertained, and a soft lamb-skin rug to sit on.  The fuzzy rug feels so nice against her skin, she just has to take her shirt off and stretch out on it.


Candy Gets Ready to Go Out

Candy changes out of her comfy pajamas, uses her phone to take some cute selfies, then slips a skirt on over her padded bottom.  She finishes getting ready to go out by packing a bag with a few extra diapers.


Candy's Diaper Punishment

Candy is a very naughty girl, she's taken her diaper off, and she is completely naked under her short plaid skirt.  Apple gives her a spanking and straps her to the changing table.  Apple teaches candy how nice it is to be a good baby, and wear her diaper like she's supposed too.


Secretary Mandie

While her boss is out of town Mandie has free run of his office. The toys he uses on her are still tucked into the top drawer of the desk, and her diapers are right there on the shelf -- practically begging to be worn! After a long, boring call from a client on the phone Mandie decides to take a break... the pretty blonde secretary strips out of her pencil skirt and blouse to tease the viewer with her perky tits before laying a soft white diaper out on the couch to settle into. Her purple vibrator is put to good use -and makes her cum!- before Mandie powders and diapers herself with a vibrating bullet still tucked inside her pussy. This should be the new office dress code, don't you think?!


Abby Nurses Koneko

Caring Babysitter, Abby, is looking after Koneko today, and it's just about time for the little one's afternoon snack.  Abby doesn't want Koko to get any applesauce on her cute shirt, though.  So, she takes it off and replaces it with a bib.  Now Koko is all ready for some yummy applesauce, which her Babysitter is happy to spoon-feed her.  When she finishes her snack, Abby has a bottle of milk for Koneko to drink, and another special surprise as well.  She slips off her apron and shirt, revealing her lovely, full breasts, and invites Koneko to nurse on them.  Breastfeeding is so soothing, and it's a wonderful way for a Caregiver and a Little to bond.


Teddy Bear Princess Apple

Look at my ears, I'm a little teddy bear!  I'm wearing a cute skirt with triple thick diapers.  They make me a little fussy because they are so big, but Daddy insisted.  I quickly get used to them while I cuddle with my fellow teddy bears and play with blocks.


Candy in Snuggies

It's time for Candy to change out of her adorable play-clothes, and into a onesie for her nap.  She takes her skirt off, but gets distracted by her Magic Wand before undressing any further.  It feels so good vibrating against her diaper - it takes some time before Candy remembers she needs to take her shirt off too. Now Candy's all ready to slip on her onsie... except she wants to play with her Magic Wand a little longer, first. ;)


Koneko's Diaper Secret

Koneko wears pampers under her skirt when she goes to school, because she has little accidents sometimes.  Today is one of those times, but otherwise everything is going okay...  That is, until classmate Lolette notices Koko's wet diaper and immediately tells the Teacher.  Ms. Shadows won't allow class to continue while one of her students is sitting in wet panties - even if those panties are actually a baby diaper.  Before she knows it, Koneko finds herself laying on top of Ms. Shadows' desk, with her Teacher and classmate.


Nurse Apple's Special Formula POV Pt-2 Diaper Change

Apple's patient is strapped to the exam table and has been given a regression formula.  She checks his first diaper and sees he is very wet.  What a good boy!  One of the effects of regression formula is constant arousal.  So, Apple has to milk his cock, to make sure he remains docile.  Then she tapes him extra thick double diapers and gives him more formula.


Sasha Plays on the Rocking Horse

Lolette is a fussy little girl that thinks she's too old for diapers... but Mommy Apple thinks Lolette is too little to make such a big decision! If Lolette wants to be untied from the crib she's going to have to soak the diaper Mommy taped her up in. After Mommy puts the hypnotic lullaby headphones on her and force-feeds her baby a bottle lolette starts to squirm. While it takes a lot of fussing and struggling from the baby, Lolette can't hold her potty for very long! Baby needs her diapers, just like Mommy said.


Nurse Bunny and Luke

It's time for a diaper change for little Luke, but Nurse Bunny isn't sure he deserves it! The naughty boy has been resisting his regression treatment in every way he's able. Even though the nurse has his baby cock locked up tight in a chastity cage, Luke couldn't be trusted to keep his curious hands out of his diaper so she tied them up -- but has he wet? Nurse Bunny dips her fingers into his diaper to check it before untaping him and wiping his baby cock all clean. She's so pleased with her little patient for wetting that she unlocks his cock and strokes him to orgasm in his diaper. Lucky boy! Nurse Bunny tucks him into a fresh diaper and leaves him to think about what a baby he is.


Hypnotic Headphones Forced Wetting

Lolette is a fussy little girl that thinks she's too old for diapers... but Mommy Apple thinks Lolette is too little to make such a big decision! If Lolette wants to be untied from the crib she's going to have to soak the diaper Mommy taped her up in. After Mommy puts the hypnotic lullaby headphones on her and force-feeds her baby a bottle lolette starts to squirm. While it takes a lot of fussing and struggling from the baby, Lolette can't hold her potty for very long! Baby needs her diapers, just like Mommy said.


Diaper Punishment for Babysitter Bubbles

Babysitter Bubbles is in big trouble after Baby Lolette told Mommy Moon what a bad Babysitter she is.  Moon strips her down to her bare bottom and bends Bubbles over the changing table for the spanking she deserves. Bubbles' plump cheeks turn a pretty pink, but all her struggling earns her a pair of locking mittens. Mommy has had enough. It's up onto the table for the babysitter, and once she's strapped down Moonshine gets her powdered and taped into a nice thick diaper as her punishment.


Koneko Changes at Bedtime

Koneko is laying in bed drinking a bottle when she realizes her diaper is soaking wet.  She takes off her PJ's and changes out of her wet Snuggies diaper and into a fluffy Cushie diaper.  


Kitten Candy and Adriana

Little diaper kitten, Candy, is waiting in her cage, and she lights up when Miss Adriana Evans enters the room.  Adriana lets her out of her cage and lovingly puts a leash on her pretty little pet.  She leads Candy around and dangles a kitty toy for Candy to play with, giving us lots of cute views of her diaper!  She leads the little kitty over to drink some milk and Candy laps it up happily, but then Adriana has some other ideas for her little kitten's hungry mouth - she undoes her top and breasfeeds Candy.  Adriana loves playing with and fussing over her beautiful little diapered pet.


Maid Cheshire Changes Apple

I am so spoiled! I have the beautiful, sweet, Maid Cheshire to look after me and change me.  So, of course I'm a very excited and happy baby!  She undresses me, and makes sure my diaper change feels especially good by gently rubbing me with baby lotion and powdering me with a fluffy powder-puff.

Koneko and Teacher Mathilda

Koneko has always had 'accidents'. A pull up is usually good enough, but ever since her classmates found out about her crinkly secret its been even harder to hold it! Its so embarrassing, the way they look at her, and now the teacher finds every little excuse to make sure that Koko stays after class with her for some extra special lesson. There are no pull ups allowed in Miss Shadows' class! Only big, thick, puffy white diapers for her favorite student, and every wetting is rewarded with an orgasm. Lucky!


Ellie's Accident

Ellie had an accident, and now her cute overalls are all wet!  Big Sister, Lolette, is there to help, but she isn't pleased at all that her little sister couldn't make it to the potty in time.  Most of Ellie's clothes are wet, so Lolette strips her completely naked and scolds her for wetting herself like a baby.  Then, she bends her naughty sister over the changing table for a spanking with a paddle!  Deciding that Ellie can't be trusted to use the potty like a big girl, Lolette sticks a pacifier in her mouth, cuffs her to the changing table so she can't get away, and wraps her bottom in a triple-thick cloth diaper.  Now, little Ellie can have all the accidents she wants without making more trouble for her Big Sister.


Abby's Diaper Training

Abby is having some enforced "Diaper Training" on the nursery floor.  A yoke and thigh-spreader are locked onto her, and are completely inescapable - perfect for teaching Abby that she's just a helpless little girl.  These restraints are also perfect for making sure she can't interfere when she needs to be changed.  When sexy Nurse Apple comes to check on her, it's clear that Abby's pull up is soaked and she needs to be put into a much thicker diaper.  Abby tries to struggle, but with her metal restraints firmly in place, her efforts only amount to futile squirming while Apple cleans her up and starts touching her most sensitive parts.  It's unclear whether Abby feels upset, humiliated, or turned on, but being touched down there is just a normal part of every diaper change - something she's going to have to get used to, because she isn't going to be allowed out of diapers any time soon!  It seems that those conflicting, confusing feelings Abby is having are exactly what Apple wants, because she has a special surprise for her patient before diaper time is over - a remote controlled vibrating egg.  Nurse Apple uses it to stimulate Abby's clit before pushing it deep inside of her and taping the thick diaper up over it.  Making sure Baby Abby is turned on while she's in this helpless state is an important part of her Diaper Training.  Soon, the feeling of being in diapers, and the feeling of sexual arousal will be completely inseparable for her!


Bunny's Enema Punishment

Bunny's roommate, Lolette, is out for the day, and Bunny has taken the opportunity to see what's inside her room.  Lolette has insisted that her bedroom is to remain private, but the secrecy has only made Bunny more curious.  Now that she's made it inside, Bunny is shocked and intrigued by the realization that her roommate's bedroom is actually an Adult Baby Nursery.  She's all by herself, and doesn't want to waste this chance to play with some of Lolette's kinky things.  So, naturally, she lays a diaper out on the changing table and sits on top of it - just to see what it feels like against her pussy...  Unfortunately for Bunny, it feels much better than she expected, and she's much too busy masturbating to notice that Lolette has just gotten home!  The situation quickly gets out of hand for the poor girl, as her angry roommate decides that a strict punishment is in order.  Lolette forces Bunny to submit to being diapered, and unless she wants to find a new place to live, she'll have to use her diaper too.  Bunny is left in bondage until she wets and messes her diaper - and she has no choice but to sit in it until Lolette decides she's ready to be changed! 


Koneko Plays Dress Up

Koko can't decide what to wear with her big puffy diapers! The soft padding between her legs is perfect, but nothing else she puts on seems quite right... First its a pair of baby patterned tights, with the word "BABY" emblazoned across her diapered bottom! Koko admires them in the mirror before trying on a cute dress to match, but it doesn't last long. Koko decides nearly naked is best, and takes off the dress to be topless in her tights, diapers, and a very babyish bonnet. The little curry gives snuggles to all the teddy bears in her play space and entertains herself with the happy sounds of her rattle.

Dommy Cheshire POV

Cheshire has decided that you need diapers, and since you belong to Cheshire that is how it's going to be.  She sweetly patronizes you as she slips a diaper under you and powders your most private parts.  It's definitely your nap time for this little baby! However, before she leaves she has an extra surprise for you, it's a wetness indicator that will play a lullaby so Cheshire will come check on you.  And If you make enough peepee you just might earn yourself a diaper change.  


Sunnie Being Cute

Little Sunnie looks so cute and babyish, playing on the floor in her onsie.  The soft fabric hugs her curves and does very little to hide the shape of the thick diaper she has on underneath.  When she finds a fluffy pillow to sit on, Sunnie decides it might be better to take her onesie off.  Wearing nothing but a diaper, sexy Sunnie humps and grinds against her pillow until she cums.


Candy's First Diaper Change

Say "hello" to Candy, the newest Babygirl at ABDreams.  She loves diapers and kitten play - and is just as cute as can be!  It's her first diaper change in our nursery, and Mommy Adriana is here to take very good care of her.  Mommy is so sweet and gentle with Baby Candy as she wipes her all clean and powders her little girl parts with a soft powder-puff.  Candy is such a good girl for her change, and Adriana has no trouble at all getting a cute, printed diaper taped around her hips.


Koneko in BareBum Diapers

Koko is having fun playing in the nursery and cuddling Mr. Bear.  She is wearing the brand new Barebum diapers that feature a cute baby block print. She changes into a fluffy white bambino and gets cuddly.


Happy Valentine's Day

Koko and I are dressed up in pink, red and matching white Bambino diapers.  We are having a Valentine's Day play date!  We have fun playing with balloons and give each other candy and Valentine's Day cards.


Sunnie Puts on a Thick Bellissimo Diaper

Beautiful Sunnie takes off all her clothes and diapers herself on the changing table.  She clearly enjoys rubbing herself with lotion, and how soft the baby powder feels on her skin, but having the thick padding pressed against her pussy feels best of all.  Completely naked, except for her diaper, Sunnie looks as adorable and sexy as can be!


Office Baby Pt-2

This is NOT how Andrew expected to be spending his second day at the office! The big boss lady made him come to work diapered, and now she expects him to wear plastic pants over his crinkly, puffy, thick, PINK and way too obvious diapers. He wants to protest - he wants to tell her to go to hell! - but they both know how bad he needs this job, and Bunny is taking full advantage. She calls in her secretary - Apple - who has brought a special surprise for the new employee -- extra pretty, pink and frilly silly dresses! The girls have a giggle at Andrew's expense while he tries on outfits and Apple lets it slip that the job he applied for in the first place doesn't even exist! He was always meant to be their sweet little office baby. Afterwards, they fit a bib on their big baby and take turns feeding him from a baby bottle. Tough job, am I right? ;p  (Andrew is being forced to wear a pink DC Amor diaper.  Check out our diaper review on the ABDreams blog.)


Koko's Pink School Uniform

Koneko is playing dress-up, and she has so many pretty things to try on!  How does she look wearing a diaper under her pink school uniform?  Is she just as cute when all she has on is her diaper and a silly hat with bunny ears? Koneko has gotten all wet while she's been changing clothes, so she changes her diaper too.  Now she's ready to try on more cute clothes!


Emma's Bondage Diaper Change

A bit of time tied to the wall in her soaking wet diaper has adjusted naughty Emma's attitude problem. Despite a bit of initial fussing, she seems ready and even a little eager to be the good little baby Miss Apple wants her to be. With Apple's help, Emma climbs onto the changing table. Her soggy diaper squishes against her bottom when she lays down and whenever she squirms, prompting her to behave herself while Apple clips her cuffs to the table restraints. She's all smiles when Miss Apple untapes the mess of wet padding and crinkly plastic, and coos just like a dumb baby should when Apple dangles a brightly colored toy for her to play with. Soon, she wont even remember what life was like before she spent every day in diapers... wetting herself and crying for attention.

Cheshires Check-up

Cheshire is having a problem... and it's an embarrassing one. Being an adult has just seemed so stressful lately! she decided to get a doctor's opinion on what to do. She's only waiting a moment before Nurse Lolette comes to take her information. The questions she asks are so personal! The nurse seems to know about her little 'accidents' even before Cheshire confesses, and the nurse laughs when an embarrassed Cheshire tries to convince her they only happen every now and then. The experience is made all the more humiliating when the Doctor arrives and informs Cheshire she will be taking her temperature rectally! Despite Cheshire's uncertainty, the Doctor is quite insistent with her diagnosis: bedwetters need diapers! The two ladies put on latex gloves to diaper their patient with no attention paid to her silly reluctance.The nurse has already put together a take home bag for poor little Cheshire packed with big puffy adult diapers, a big bottle of baby powder, and even some baby toys! The bag is clear, and will plainly show off all of the embarrassing things inside to anyone Cheshire passes on her way out of the clinic...


Abby in a Rearz Diaper

Abby came to visit us, and of course we put her straight into diapers!  Here she is in the nursery, looking adorable, cuddling with teddy bears, and playfully taking off her t-shirt.

9 minutes 


Cheshire Changes Apple for Bed

Mommy Cheshire has been looking after me.  She fed me a bottle earlier, so now I'm very wet and soggy.  Cheshire feels inside my diaper just to be sure, which makes me squirm, then she lays me down on the bed to be changed.  It feels so nice to be taken care of - She even nurses me before I go to sleep.

12 minutes 


Koko Changes out of Pull-ups

Koneko has been wearing pull-ups today, and she's done a pretty good job of keeping them dry.  That is, until she had a little accident. Now she feels like something thicker and more absorbent will give her the protection and comfort that she needs.  Koneko gets onto the changing table, and trades her wet training pants for a cute, printed diaper. 

6 minutes 



Arianna Changes Emma

Baby Emma is at Daycare, being looked after by Arianna.  Arianna helps Emma drink milk from a baby bottle, then diaper-checks Baby.  Emma is a good little girl, so of course she's used her diaper like she's supposed to.  Arianna lays Emma down on a mat on the floor to change her into a comfy new diaper when she's all done she gives her a big hug.

7 minutes 


Cheshire Nurses Apple

Baby Apple is supposed to be finishing her bottle of milk while Mommy Cheshire reads her a fun story about otters.  Apple is trying to be a good girl, but the wet diaper pressing against her is starting to become too much of a distraction.  Cheshire wants Apple to finish all of her milk before it's time for a diaper change, but she's much too fussy for her bottle now.  Luckily, Mommy knows nothing calms down a fussing baby like being being breastfed.  Apple forgets all about her soggy diaper once she sees Mommy's pink nipples, and she doesn't need any extra encouragement to start sucking on them.

10 minutes 


Lolette and Alex - Naughty Diaper Change

Lolette's diaper is soaked. Its been hours since she's been changed, and every time the wet padding goes cold she pees it again to fight the discomfort. She tries to tell Daddy Alex what she wants - a new, dry diaper! - but he wants to know what his is special girl is going to do for HIM first. If Lolette wants to be changed out of her soaked and sagging diaper she has to suck his cock like a good girl.

9 minutes 


Mandie Humps Mr.Bear

Mandy is such a naughty baby. She has to be kept in diapers 24/7 because she can't be trusted to keep her curious little fingers out of her no-no places! But those tightly pressed tapes and all that crinkly plastic can't keep her from satisfying the ache between her legs... She knows a special way to make her little pussy feel all better, and mister teddy is going to help! Humping against her oversized teddy always feels so good, and the extra padding of her diaper makes it even better.

6 minutes 


Secretary Bunny Finds Her Boss' Secret

You sent your secretary, Bunny, into your office for some documents, but what she found were the diapers you had stashed in your desk!  The next time the two of you are alone in your office, she confronts you with what she's found.  "Is this what turns you on?", she asks, as she spreads a diaper out right on top of your desk.  Your secretary clearly thinks you're a pervert, and knows you'll do anything to keep anyone else from finding out, but she also thinks these diapers might be worth a try.  Bunny makes you watch as she uses your desk as a changing table, spreading her legs so you get a good look at her rubbing herself with lotion and lots of baby powder.  By the time she pulls the soft padding against her pussy, Bunny decides she definitely likes the way it feels.  It must be your lucky day, because she has a bargain for you.  You're going to start letting Bunny have her way at work, even though you're her boss.  In exchange, she won't tell anyone your little secret, AND she'll start wearing diapers to work, just for you!

8 minutes 


Emma's Baby Training - Bottle Feeding and Wetting

Emma is undergoing Baby Training at the ABDreams nursery.  Unfortunately, she still has some silly notions about "being an adult" and "not needing diapers".  So for the time being, this little one has to be kept in restraints.  A pacifier gag reminds her how much babies love to suck on things and keeps her from making too much noise, while leather straps and cuffs keep her securely in place against a wall.  She has to wait there like a child on time-out until her diaper is ready to be changed.  Apple comes in to check on her, but quickly decides that Emma's diaper isn't nearly wet enough.  That means Baby Emma is going to have to drink another whole bottle of milk!  Emma fusses and acts like she doesn't want it, but her training is already having more of an effect than she realizes.  When Apple holds the bottle close to Emma's mouth, she starts obediently sucking on it's nipple just like a hungry baby.  Being fed from a bottle even has a calming effect on Emma, who seems to forget all about the fussy way she was feeling a moment ago.  She still isn't going anywhere until her diaper is wet enough for a change, however.  Emma is left in restraints until she eventually has no choice but to flood her diaper - What a good Baby!

7 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles

Babysitter Bubbles is taking care of Apple today, but she's not being very attentive - she's more focused on her cell phone.  Apple is occupied with toys in her playpen, so everything should be just fine...  Except little Apple needs to use the potty, and it's just out of her reach.  She fusses and tries to get her babysitter's attention, but Bubbles is too busy texting and talking on her phone.  Too much of a baby to hold it for very long, Apple wets her panties right in the middle of the playpen.  When Bubbles sees what's happened, she comforts Apple and gets her all cleaned up.  She knows it was an accident, so Apple isn't in trouble, but little girls who have accidents need to wear training pants - just to be safe.  Bubbles also knows that wetting her big-girl panties and having to go back into pull-ups has made Apple a bit upset.  As a special way to comfort her little girl, Bubbles takes out her big, lovely breasts and tenderly nurses Apple until she forgets all about her wet panties.   

11 minutes 


Maid Lexi Gets Punished Pt-2

Lolette diapered her baby maid with a special vibrating toy tucked inside her pussy, to help motivate Lexi to finish her chores. There are still so many toys to pick up! but the need to wet is all baby Lexi can think about and she can't hold it anymore! Once the soft padding is soaked with her warm pee Lexi lifts her dress to touch her diaper... and that's when she sees it. Lolette left the remote to the toy that's teasing poor Lexi's pussy tucked into the top of her stocking. Lexi isn't supposed to touch it! Lolette told her not to... but Lexi wants to cum so bad that she can't resist. Uh-oh! She got caught, and that means a spanking. Maybe if she takes it like a good girl; maybe if she says she's extra sorry; maybe if she promises to finish all your chores Lolette will let her cum.

10 minutes 


Sunnie Gets Changed By Daddy Andrew

Andrew is already dressed for work, but it's so early that baby Sunnie is still sleepy-eyed and dreamy. That's ok. Daddy's baby princess doesn't need to worry about a thing. Daddy unzips her jammies for her and helps his precious baby up onto the changing table. The white bambino he tucked her into for nini time is completely soaked now! She's such a good baby. Good babies use their diapers, Daddy reassures her as he untapes hers. The wipes are a little cold on her flushed skin, but it feels good... especially when Daddy touches her special place. She wishes he would touch her like that even more -until she trembles and makes the soft noises he likes- but she doesn't have any control over what Daddy does. She's just a baby, and Daddy is already starting to powder her. Before she knows it Sunnie is taped up in a dry diaper. Oh well. Daddy is hugging her now and her little baby brain has already forgotten how to satisfy that needy ache. It feels so good just to be held like this.

6 minutes 

Merry Christmas From Apple and ABDreams

Apple opens presents, cuddles her teddy bear and sucks on a big candy cane in front of the Christmas tree.  She is wearing an extra thick, extra special Christmas Fabine Diaper and a cute ruffled Christmas apron.  Apple gets naked and enjoys the feeling of just a diaper and the lamb skin rug - she is a very happy baby girl. 

Merry Christmas from Apple and ABDreams!

14 minutes 


Sunnie in Diaper Bondage Pt-2


Sunnie is such a bad girl - trying to deny that she likes diapers.  Obviously she needs to be put in her place. Wearing thick double diapers and tied to the rocking horse, sucking on a big pink pacifier.  She can't help but rock as she struggles against the tether of the rope, rubbing the thick wet padding of the diaper against the padding of the seat.  She get's more blushy and flustered by the second.  Then she is moved to the bed and tied on her back, giving us a nice view of the thick padding between her legs.  She struggles with helpless pleasure, adorably moaning and grasping her teddy bear through thick mittens. Finally she flipped onto her stomach and tied to the bed with a thick firm pillow propping her hips up, so her bottom is made to stick out in a most pleasing way.  A vibrating wand is taped to her inner thigh with bondage tape, pressing into the most sensitive part underneath her thick wet diaper.  With each movement the vibrator presses into her diaper and she can't help but cum.  Poor baby ;)



Playtime with Emma

Emma is having some Baby Time, happily at play in the nursery.  Wearing a colorful t-shirt and fluffy, white, diaper, she couldn't possibly look any more adorable as she plays with stuffed animals and baby toys.  Emma is feeling so regressed, it's obvious she needs that diaper.  She doesn't even seem to mind that it's soaking wet that it's wet!


Sunnie's Christmas Spanking

Its Christmas Eve and all the little babies of the world should be diapered and tucked into bed, fast asleep!  So why is baby Sunnie crinkling under the Christmas tree snooping for presents? Daddy wrapped so many presents for his little princess - who has been an extra good girl all year - but Daddy isn't watching her now... And Sunnie can't resist opening just one! Or maybe two. Uh oh! Daddy was awake after all, and he doesn't look happy with his naughty baby. Sunnie has some explaining to do, and after daddy untapes his little girl's very wet diaper he takes her over his knee for a spanking. Did you learn your lesson, Sunnie? Presents are for Christmas, but Daddy will give you a fresh diaper before he tucks your red bottom back into bed.

8 minutes 


Bunny and Mr. Bear

Bunny is looking absolutely adorable in tights and a ruffled onsie over double diapers, as she spends some quality time with Mr. Bear, the giant Teddy Bear.  He's so big, she can't help but to feel small and infantile as she snuggles against him.  It's so nice, Bunny starts to have funny feelings inside her diaper.  What started off as an innocent cuddle session for Mr. Bear quickly turns into something else, as Bunny grinds her diaper against him until she cums.

8 minutes 


Lily Changed in the Playroom

Lily is so cute in her pink pastel onsie and Snuggie Diaper.  When Mommy Apple comes to check on her, Lily shows Apple the toys she's been playing with.  Apple lays Lily one her lap and gives her a sippy cup of juice.  When Lily is finishes drinking she starts to craw away, but Mommy Apple isn't done with her.  Unbuttoning Lily's onsie, Mommy can see how wet her diaper has gotten.  She changes Lily into a new fresh diaper and gives her a big hug for being so good.

9 minutes 



Sunnie in Diaper Bondage Pt-1

How many times have you woken up in a wet bed because your girlfriend, Sunnie, swears she doesn't need to wear diapers? You found package of the puffy white plastic things in her closet when you moved in, but she blamed them on her ex boyfriend. It was HIS fetish, she says. You didn't believe that for a second but you let her have her way. You let her pretend she was a big girl until you caught her coming home early from school with a wet diaper on under her jeans - she didn't think you'd be home! but you are. And now it's time for Sunnie to be punished for all her little white lies... whether it's her fetish or not, she's going to be diapered 24/7 from now on. No more accidents, and no more complaints or excuses, either. The duck tape will take care of that.

4 minutes 


Office Baby Pt-1

In this partial POV-style video, boss lady, Adriana Evans, doesn't have time for an intern that can't show up to work dressed appropriately! That kind of juvenile behavior is a sure way to get yourself treated like a baby and put back into diapers. She doesn't hold back on letting you have it, criticizing your appearance, your punctuality, and the size of your cock as she undresses you - ordering you to lay down right on the floor of her office to be diapered! Got a problem with that? Well guess what -- she doesn't care. You need this job and Adriana knows it, so you better get used to being her sissy office playtoy... cause she's just getting started.

15 minutes 



Apple's New Dress Pt-2

Apple loves her new dress, but not as much as she loves showing off her diapers. Can you tell? The little cutie strips right down to her pink and white striped knee sockies and her all-white Bambino diaper to drink a bottle of milk, but not before making sure you notice the way all that soft padding bunches between her thighs.  The plastic of apple's diaper is so crinkly as she crawls around, and it makes this happy baby smile.

8 minutes 


Emma Changes Arianna's Wet Diaper

Baby Arianna is spending a day happily playing in the nursery.  She seems perfectly content on the floor with her toys, even though her diaper is getting very wet.  When her babysitter, Emma, decides it's time for a diaper change, Arianna doesn't want to stop playing!  Fussing only leads to Baby's hands being tied up, so they don't get in the way during Diaper Time, though.  After that, Emma has a very easy time getting her Baby all clean and wrapped up in a fresh diaper.  

5 minutes 


Nurse Apple's Special Formula POV

You wake up cuffed to an exam table, with Nurse Apple standing over you.  She reminds you that you had to be sedated and restrained - you became much too agitated when she let you know the details of the Diaper Therapy you need to undergo.  She removed your pants and shaved off all your pubic hair while you were asleep, but even worse, there's already an open diaper beneath you!  The Nurse begins gently stroking your cock with lotion as she tells you more about your treatment.  You're going to be treated like a baby and kept in diapers until you become dependent on them.  The nurses at the clinic are in charge of you now, and as you begin to realize how badly you'd like to cum, Nurse Apple makes it clear that they're in control of your orgasms as well.  Just as you reach the verge of climax, she sprinkles baby powder all over your manhood!  It's not time to cum yet - it's time for your first diaper!  There's nothing you can do to stop Apple as she pulls the soft padding between your legs and tapes it securely into place.  Your first therapy session is almost complete, but first you to take your medicine.  Your Nurse has a special pacifier-tipped medicine dropper - just for babies.  Once the special formula takes effect, you'll start wetting your diaper and getting very aroused.  Soon you're going to love being cared for by nurses and having your wet diapers changed.  

14 minutes 


Diaper Cheerleader Sunnie

Sunnie is looking oh-so-cute in her cheerleader's uniform, but something is missing...  a diaper, of course!  Luckily she has one ready, which she unfolds and lays on her bed.  Sitting her bottom down on top of it, Sunnie takes a moment to enjoy the padding and how soft the insert feels when she pulls it up between her legs.  Then, she powders herself and tapes her diaper up, nice and snug.  Now, with a thick diaper peeking out from under her short cheerleader's skirt, Sunnie's outfit looks perfect.

7 minutes 


Mandie Wets the Bed

Arianna is babysitting her little sister, Mandie, tonight, but now it's time for bed.  Mandie has been drinking more juice than usual, so Arianna is worried that her little sister will have an accident in her sleep.  Used to having her way, bratty Mandie refuses and goes to bed wearing panties.  Of course, Mandie DOES have an accident in her sleep, and is none too happy about waking up in a wet bed.  Her Big Sister isn't happy about it either!  She marches Mandie over to the changing table, strips off shirt and wet panties, then cuffs her naughty little sister to the table.  Ashamed of herself, Mandie looks like she's on the verge of tears as Arianna puts two thick diapers on her.

7 minutes 


Apple Makes Bubbles Cum in Her Diaper

Silly Babies, Bubbles and Apple are naked except for their thick, white diapers, they feel so relaxed.  Apple kisses and plays with Bubbles' boobs.  When Apple notices Bubbles is wet, she shows Bubbles a toy she likes to play with that makes diapers feel really good.  After Bubbles cums they cuddle together.

7 minutes 


Odette Changes in the Crib

Big puffy diapers look so thick on little Odette! but the blonde baby pees right through them after a few drinks from her sippy cup. She keeps a fresh diaper in her crib, but before changing into it she can't resist squishing the warm, wet padding bunched between her legs. It feels so good! When the tabs of her diaper are pealed back Odette shows off her cute little bottom and smooth pussy, wiping both clean with a baby wipe. She lays a fresh diaper underneath of herself before shaking fresh, white, soft baby powder onto all her delicate parts. Odette tugs the extra pad up between her thighs to press against her pussy before securing her new diaper into place. The little tease shows you her padded bottom before settling back down with her pacifier and a teddy, happy and dry and so sweet.

8 minutes 


Apple's New Dress

I'm wearing my favorite, doubled bianco bambino diapers!  I'm also wearing my most favorite dress, it's blue and white stripped with pink bows, I'm also wearing high socks with white mary jane shoes and pigtails.  I feel totally adorable and a happily frustrated by the thick diaper between my legs.  I have a fun time playing with my teddy bear and having my picture taken.

8 minutes 


Diaper Pet Sunnie

Baby Lolette finally got her mommy and daddy to agree to get her a pet, but now it's up to Lolette to take care of her baby kitten! Her little meow-meow is safely restrained in her cage with leather cuffs over her soft paw mittens and sockies, and has a big pink pacifier to sooth and keep her calm. Of course, Lolette's kitten is too little to be potty trained so she has to be kept in diapers at all times so she doesn't have an accident! Lolette teases her precious pet with dangle-y keys through the bars of her cage before she opens it up -- but Kitty needs a diaper check before she can come out. Even though Kitty is still dry Lolette can't resist touching and crinkling the puffy pink plastic before tugging her pet out by her leash. Lolette makes her crawl around and do little tricks before she can have her milk, but she's even too little to eat on her own! Lolette and her kitten snuggle up on the big teddybear so Lolette can bottle feed her sweet pet, and give her lots of loves!

8 minutes 


Zack Changes Cheshire

Baby Cheshire is happy to play with her toys in the nursery while Daddy Zach is busy, but when Daddy interrupts her playtime to check her diaper Cheshire gets fussy. Daddy knows she's too little to know any better, and rather than giving his wet baby girl a talking to he just sweetly lays her down on the mattress. As soon as Daddy starts to untape her soggy diaper little Cheshire brightens up and behaves herself for him, cooing and smiling up at him! Daddy knows that babies have extra sensitive, soft skin and takes extra care when cleaning her off. Then it's time for more powder and a fresh diaper before Cheshire hugs her Daddy to thank him for taking such good care of her. Daddy presses a pacifier between her lips and snuggles his sweet girl right back!

6 minutes 


Emma Wears Diapers at Work

Emma knows that it's important to keep stress levels down in the workplace, so she's taking some time to relax out of her busy day.  Slipping off her sexy, red panties, she gets ready to diaper herself right on top of her desk.  Diapers make Emma very turned on, and she doesn't even make it to powdering herself before she starts playing with a little, pink vibrator.  When she finishes taping up her diaper, she gets comfortable on the couch in her office.  Using a Magic Wand, Emma gives herself a very relaxing "massage" until she cums in her diaper.

11 minutes 


Lolette's Doctor Visit POV

Lolette's point-of-view during a check-up with Nurse Winnie.  Lolette is a patient at a clinic that is making her undergo Regression Therapy, and Nurse Winnie is giving her a check-up to see how the therapy is progressing.  Once an unruly brat, now Lolette is much more docile and content as a result of special medication and sustained infantile treatment - although she is still kept restrained while on the exam table.  After checking her breathing and heart rate, Nurse Winnie moves on to testing Lolette's level of sexual arousal during a diaper change.  A key part of the therapy is making sure the patient is sexually stimulated during changes, and eventually even by just the feeling of wearing diapers.  The therapy must be coming along nicely, because Nurse Winnie's patient seems to only want more as Winnie rubs her clit and slips gloved fingers inside of her.  Lolette fusses a little when the touching stops before she's able to cum, but starts happily squirming and giggling as soon as she feels the baby powder sprinkling onto her.  Nurse Winnie finishes diapering her, and concludes the check-up by informing Lolette that she's going to recommend her for several more weeks of therapy - purely because of how much Winnie enjoys caring for her favorite Baby Patient.

13 minutes 


Apple's Bedtime

Mommy Moon and Daddy Andrew are looking after Apple.  It's bedtime, so it's time to get changed out of pullups and into diapers.  This makes Apple fussy but Andrew starts to read her a story while Moon powders and diapers Apple.  Andrew Picks Apple up and carries her off to the crib.  They both help Apple into her PJs and give her a big hugs before they tuck her in for the night. 

6 minutes 


Koneko's Diaper Treatment

Unruly young adult, Koneko, has been sent to the Regression Clinic for an "attitude adjustment".  Now Nurse Moon is in charge of her, and she wastes no time stripping the blushing girl naked in the exam room.  Adding to Koneko's embarassment, her clothes are thrown in the trash, and her temperature is taken rectally!  The nurse restrains her new patient on the exam table and makes her take special medication, which she claims will help her calm down.  It quickly starts to take effect, and  Koneko becomes docile as Moon begins diapering her.  The once resistant girl now squirms happily as her pretty nurse rubs her with lotion and powder.  Regression Therapy must have been just what Koneko needed, as she seems much happier once her adult clothes and privileges have been replaced with diapers and infantile treatment.

7 minutes 


Apple Changes Lolette

Lolette is a squirmy baby handful! She seems to think the diaper Mommy Apple has laid out for her belongs on her teddy bear instead. Apple is patient in sweet with the baby brat, though, and rubs lotion into Lolette's sensitive skin before lifting her legs to powder her baby bottom. Of course, Loli can't keep her hands out of the lavender scented powder and ends up getting it all over Mommy's arm! After Apple cleans them both up Loli takes an interest in the crinkly plastic of her diaper and tries to help Mommy tape up her diaper. For all her fussing, Lolette seems happy to be padded and crawls around in her diaper -wiggling her crinkly butt!- before settling down to snuggle her Mommy.

10 minutes 


Mean Cheerleader Mandie

You've always had a crush on the cute blonde cheerleader at school. Her baby face perfectly suits your diaper fantasies, and after all that imagining your wish is finally coming true! She notices you checking out the extra padding under her skirt after practice and decides to have some fun with you. She invites you over to her house, but once you arrive... once she takes you up to her bedroom -a nursery!- that nice girl act vanishes. She calls you a sissy bitch and a pervert, making fun of you for getting so turned on by the diaper she's wearing under her uniform, and she even pisses in it while you watch! She can tell by the way your eyes fixate on the thick white padding of the fresh diaper she changes herself into that you want one too, you're just too pathetic to ask -- so now you don't have a choice; Get on the table!

10 minutes 


Baby Sunnie

Cute adult baby girl, Sunnie, is having fun on her first visit to the ABDreams nursery.  Wearing a pretty dress with a thick, teddy bear printed diaper peeking out from under her puffy petticoat, Sunnie looks completely adorable.  She happily plays with toys, drinks milk from a baby bottle, and cuddles her teddies.

6 minutes 


Winnie and Bubbles Pick On Apple

Mean big sisters, Winnie and Bubbles, are picking on their little sister, Apple.  They corner her in the playroom, teasing her as they forcibly remove her clothes.  Apple is getting very upset, but she's not strong enough resist as her wrists are restrained and an embarassingly pink diaper is unfolded in front of her.  Poor little Apple cries and begs, but her sisters only laugh as they spank, powder and diaper her bottom.  Not quite done, Winnie and Bubbles force Apple's legs apart with a spreader-bar,  and use a magic wand to make their "baby" sister cum in her new diaper.

8 minutes 


Gabby Changes Herself

Daddy swaddled his little Gabby in an extra cute all-over printed diaper - but one of the tapeys came off while she was playing in the nursery! Gabby doesn't seem to notice until after she wets the thick padding between her legs. The poor baby turns fussy as soon as that wetness spreads, and her diaper crinkles loudly while she squishes the front and back of it. Gabby knows Daddy is busy with workies - and she wants to make him proud of his little big girl! - so she changes herself. The all-white plastic of her Bambino is a pretty contrast against her dark skin, just like the baby powder she shakes out onto her little pussy! Once the tapes secure that soft padding in place its time for a bottle break.

7 minutes 


Arianna and Emma Have a Sleepover

Arianna and Emma are having a sleep over. Arianna has to wear diapers to bed, and she wants Emma to wear one too. Emma is more than a little embarrassed but curious about what they feel like, so she lets her Arianna undress her, and diaper her before they change into their Pajamas. Now there definitely won't be any wet beds at this sleep-over!

6 minutes 



Lolette's Doctor Appointment

Lolette's a big girl now - or so she thinks - but her mommy is totally out of ideas on what to do about her 'accidents'! lolette is the only girl her age that still has to wear PULLUPS and even those aren't enough - the bratty baby wets right through them, making a messy puddle for her mommy -lexi- to clean up. Sometimes it even seems like lolette wets her pants on purpose, which is why Dr. Winnie from the abdreams clinic had to be called. Lolette is fussy for her doctors appointment and doesn't want to lift up her short little pink skirt to show the doctor her pullups, but her mommy makes her. Even after the nice doctor gives her an extra soft stuffed bunny to play with lolette still squirms and complains once diapers are mentioned! 'Im a big girl, i dont wear diapers', she insists, throwing the toy on the ground in her fit! Mommy has to help the doctor hold her little girl down so they can cuff her to the exam table. Once loli is helpless to resist what has to be done, Dr winnie cuts the icky wet pull up off of her and instructs the baby girl's mommy on how to diaper the cute little brat - but not before the doctor gives loli a quick physical exam! Winnie wears blue latex gloves to rub and probe lolis cute little pussy, spreading her puffy lips to make sure she's sensitive and responsive to the doctors teasing. Lolette gets a little too worked up and has to be nursed by her mommy before she calms down enough for the two women to powder and tape a diaper on that pretty pussy of hers.

13 minutes 


Apple Diapers Lily

Lily has just finished her bath, and now she's all fresh and clean.  It's straight back into diapers for her, though, because she's such a baby.  Mommy Apple finishes drying her off with a towel, then lays her down for diaper time.  She uses lots of baby lotion & powder on Lily's bare skin, to make her little one smell extra nice.  Then, Mommy sweetly wraps her up in a fluffy, white disposable.

5 minutes 


Baby Emma in Cloth

Say "Hello" to the newest Adult-Baby girl at ABDreams, Emma!  She loves age play and diapers, especially when they're wet.  Here she is, having lots of fun playing in the nursery, drinking a bottle, wetting, and looking oh so cute & cuddly in her mittens, booties, bib, and fluffy cloth diaper.  She is such an adorable baby!

12 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles Pt-5

Thoroughly defeated, Bubbles is starting to feel a lot less like a babysitter, and more like Lolette's personal slave.  Gagged, diapered, and humiliated - she changes Lolette's wet diaper as the imperious little girl taunts and bosses her around.  Lolette knows she's "Mommy's Little Angel", so when Mommy gets home, Bubbles will be the one who's in trouble.

7 minutes 


Mandie and Arianna - Trouble at School

Mandie and her sister, Arianna, are supposed to be studying, but Mandie can't seem to sit still in her chair! She raises her hand and asks teacher Apple if she can use the potty, but Apple has already excused her to the bathroom several times so she gets sent back to her chair after showing Miss Apple the cute picture she's been coloring. Once she's back at her desk, Mandie can't seem to stop fidgeting! and her sister knows what she's up to. Arianna lifts up her sister's pleated skirt to check the pink pullups Mandie has to wear to skirt and finds them wet! She raises her hand to let the teacher know, but rather than explaining it as an accident Arianna decides to humiliate her sister to the fullest! She unzips Mandie's pink princess backpack to show Miss Apple the extra pullups their Mommy packed for Mandie to wear, but even worse than that -- Arianna unfolds a thick, puffy white diaper, too! Her little sister is such a baby that she has to wear DIAPERS! Miss Apple is very disappointed. She thought Mandie was a big girl, but clearly she can't be trusted not to wet herself. Arianna helps the teacher clean off the big desk so they can lay a very pouty Mandie on top of it for a diaper change. Arianna seems to enjoy humiliating her potty-pants baby sister in front of their pretty teacher, but once Mandy is all taped up in the diaper she obviously needs Miss Apple brings out a leather paddle! Now it's Mandie's turn to be smug while her big sister is bent over teacher's desk and her bare bottom is spanked bright red for being a tattle tale! 

10 minutes 


Apple Wakes Up Ellie

Baby Ellie has to be thickly diapered for bed, because she wets herself while she's asleep.  Last night was no exception, and when Mommy Apple wakes her up in the morning, Ellie's cloth diaper is soaked.  After helping Baby onto the changing table, Mommy gets her out of her wet nighttime diaper, and into a cute, pink, all-in-one - with an extra cloth stuffer, of course.

7 minutes 


Bubbles Changes Apple

Silly little Apple has wet her pullup. Caregiver Bubbles knows she needs to be changed into a proper diaper.  Bubbles lays Apple down on the changing table and fastens her wrists and ankles securely with soft cuffs.  Bubbles then takes Apple's wet pullup away, sweetly wipes and powders Apple and puts her in a Snuggies Overnight diaper.

7 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl pt-6

Some time has passed, and Odette has begun to adjust to her new life as Mommy's helpless baby.  Left on her own in the playpen, she doesn't fuss or try to escape.  Her former life as a sorority girl seems forgotten as she crawls around, content to play with blocks and rattles.  Mommy Moon comes to check on her, and Odette's attention is completely absorbed as Mommy leans over the playpen's rails, gently shaking the colorful toy keys for her.  As she watches her new Mommy, Odette sees something she wants - Mommy's huge boobies.  She doesn't understand why, but she really wants to suck on them.  Moon, pleased to see that Odette has given in to her new infantile status, coos sweetly to her Baby as she breastfeeds her.

5 minutes 


Arianna and Mandie Sleepover

Mandie and Arianna are having a slumber party, but neither of them are ready to sleep yet.  They decide to play a game of Truth or Dare, which quickly leads to Arianna asking Mandie about the diapers she still has to wear to bed.  Mandie doesn't seem embarrassed at all - in fact, she explains that she LIKES wearing diapers, and dares Arianna to try one for herself.  According to the rules of Truth or Dare, Arianna has no choice but to lay down and let her friend diaper her.  It looks like both girls will be sleeping in diapers tonight.

6 minutes 


Lolette Punished for Wetting her Pullups

Lolette is such a handful! Her mommies may have given her permission to wear her pullups to school, but now that she's home -and wet- it's back into diapers for this baby. Loli isn't happy about being treated like a baby, and she squirms so much that mommy Apple and Sasha have to use the soft cuffs to tie her down to the bed. No matter how much Loli cries and complains she's helpless against the two women who strip off her wet pullup, wipe her privates clean, and teasingly rub lotion on her pussy. Sasha tries to sooth the upset little girl with a pacifier but Lolette spits it out! There's just no consoling her, so Sasha switches to teasing the wanna-be big girl with a baby toy while mommy Apple pulls the soft pad of a fresh diaper up snug and secure between Loli's thighs. Once the tapes are fixed to the crinkly front panel there's no getting out of it... and Lolette is left alone to think about what a naughty girl she's been!

12 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles Pt-4

Lolette has taken pictures of her babysitter, Bubbles, in the diaper she's been forced to wear.  Using the threat of blackmail to make her play along, Lolette has gotten Bubbles tied and gagged on the rocking horse --  with a vibrating wand taped to her thigh, pressing firmly against her diaper.  With Bubbles helpless and coming close to climax, Lolette gets a call from her Mommy.  Even though the little girl has gotten her way so far, she tells Mommy all about what a bad babysitter Bubbles has been.  

7 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl pt-5

Sorority girl Odette is celebrating her one year birthday as Mommy Moon & Winnie's diapered baby girl! While Winnie is at work Moon has their little princess tied up to the wall in her birthday suit and a double thick Bambino diaper. Odette is flustered and embarrassed by the princess crown her 'mommy' put on her, but even worse is the pink chastity belt locked over top of her diaper. Moon is the only one with the keys to the stupid thing, and she says until Odette learns that only Mommy is allowed to make her little pussy feel good the belt stays on. But lucky for Odette, Mommy is willing to take the ballgag out of her mouth so she can have some cake... but the icing in between her candles says 'Babyslut'. Odette's an adult, not a baby! At least, that's what she thinks. Since 'baby' isn't going to eat her cake, Mommy Moon takes her bib off and smears the white icing across her flat chest, licking the sweetness of it off her little girl's nipples. Then it's time for presents. Even though Mommy Winnie isn't there to see her opening them, she's going to have lots of fun using all those naughty new toys on their baby girl!

5 minutes 


Apple in a Snuggies Overnight Diaper

Apple is having play-time in her playpen.  She has her Gameboy and plenty of stuffed animals to have fun with, but those don't keep her occupied for very long.  The way her diaper feels is much more interesting.  She straddles a pillow, rubbing herself against it and humping it while she sucks her pacifier.  Apple loves the feeling of diapers rubbing against her. 

13 minutes 


Lolette Changes Gabby

When Gabby first came to the ABDreams clinic nurse Lolette promised a cure for her bedwetting... unfortunately for Gabby, the cure she meant was a new life wearing diapers 24/7! Thanks to the regression tablets the nurse has been feeding her, Gabby doesn't even remember her old life as an adult or how to control her bladder! The thick padding of her Snuggies diaper is completely soaked and she's in desperate need of a change. While baby Gabby is distracted by the shake and rattle of her toy Lolette puts on a pair of pink latex gloves to get her little patient changed out of that wet diaper and into a nice, soft, fresh one!

6 minutes 


Secretary Ophelia

Naughty Secretary, Ophelia, is at her boss's desk while he's busy with a meeting.  It doesn't look like she's in the mood to get any work done, though.  She slips off her clothes, and diapers herself right on top of his desk!  Then she uses his "back massager" between her legs until she cums in her diaper.

7 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles Pt-3

Bubbles is supposed to be babysitting Lolette, but it looks like the tables have turned!  What started out as a game of dress up has turned into Bubbles being undressed and tied to the changing table.  Lolette wants to show Bubbles she can change diapers just as well as Mommy does.  Lolette says baby powder is one of her favorite parts, so she sprinkles it all over Bubbles. When she is done taping up the diapers she takes some pictures to show Mommy what fun they are having. 


6 minutes 


Diaper Domme Cheshire

Cheshire has Zach tied to her bed, and now she's going to have some fun with him.  She shows him that she has a diaper on, and grinds it against his cock.  Zach can only watch helplessly as she takes his pants off, and gets ready to put him in diapers too.  Cheshire teasingly strokes his cock with lotion and powder until it gets excited and hard, but wraps it up in a diaper before he can cum.  Zach is forced to admit he likes diapers, as Cheshire rides him, rubbing her diaper against his.

13 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl Pt-4

Odette is still having trouble adjusting to her new life as Winnie and Moon's baby. Today they dressed her in an embarrassing bonnet, baby printed tights, a shiny, frilly dress, and a double thick bambino diaper to take her for a walk around the neighborhood to apologize for what a loud little sorority slut she used to be before her diaper training. All of her old friends laughed at the way the ball gag her mommies made her wear stretched her lips and made her drool - just like a real baby! - and they teased her even more when Winnie pulled up the hem of her dress to show the whole neighborhood her dress! She was so embarrassed she wet herself right there. Now that she's back home in the nursery odette is almost relieved... That is, until they expect her to get in the playpen. The last time they forced her into that stupid baby enclosure they didn't let her out until she leaked through her diaper and begged for 'mommy' to come change her! But neither Winnie nor moon are interested in putting up with her little tantrum. Since she doesn't want to be a good girl they'll treat her like a naughty one... By stripping off all her clothes and forcing her into the baby-sized cage they have just for her! Its been a long day for Winnie and moon, so they decide to unwind by showing little baby odette what she doesn't get to have anymore -- orgasms. Odette is forced to watch from the cage while her two mommies kiss and use the Hitachi to get off. All she can do is helplessly rub her diaper with her little mittens while Winnie moans..  

9 minutes 


Bubbles Cares For Baby Apple

Bubbles is babysitting Apple today.  She sits with Apple and cuddles her while Apple plays with her rattle and favorite stuffed bunny.  Apple lays across Bubbles' lap, relaxing while her Babysitter helps her drink a bottle of milk and checks her diaper for wetness.  Sucking on her bottle and being so close to Bubbles' big, yummy breasts makes it impossible for little Apple to ignore the urge to be breastfed.  Of course, Bubbles is happy to give her Baby what she wants.  Smiling as she takes out her boobs and pulls Apple close, Bubbles guides her Baby's hungry mouth to her waiting nipple.

10 minutes 


Lolette Spanked and Diapered By Sasha and Apple

Lolette has been very misbehaved lately.  Now Apple and Sasha are going to have to punish her.  The unruly little girl struggles with the two bigger ladies as they drag her into the nursery, but she's too small to stop them.  They strip all her clothes off and bend her over the changing table to give her a firm spanking.  Then they make Lolette lay down on the changing table for the next part of her punishment - diapers!  Her wrists are secured by padded cuffs and a big pink gag is forced into her little mouth, then Apple and Sasha get to work diapering their naughty Baby.  Even gagged and restrained, Lolette keeps struggling, squirming, and fussing as the ladies work against her together.  There's nothing Lolette can do but feel humiliated as they slip a diaper under her bottom, hold her legs apart as they rub her very intimately with baby lotion and powder, and pull the diaper up between her legs.  Apple and Sasha make sure Lolette's diaper is nice and snug against her as they tape it securely in place, teasing her even further by rubbing her pussy through the thick padding.    

11 minutes 


Cheshire and Apple Play With Mr Bear

Apple, Cheshire, and the giant Teddy are having a cuddle-threesome.  The bear is so big, he makes the girls seem tiny as they snuggle against his fur.  Double diapered and sucking their pacifiers, the girls look completely innocent - even as they straddle Teddy's legs and rub their diapers against him.  Teddy is a good sport, and doesn't seem to mind when Apple and Cheshire curl up to take a nap on his tummy.    

7 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles Pt-2

As soon as Lolette's mommy left for the day, Loli's good girl act vanished; if Bubbles doesn't do what the spoiled, diaper princess wants she's going to be out of a job -- or worse, Loli might tell everyone what she's been making Bubbles do in the nursery. Unfortunately for Bubbles, her idea to play along until Loli gets bored of their little games doesn't seem to be working out... Already today, Lolette had coerced her into getting into Mommy's closet to bring the little girl something slinky and slutty to wear.  Now that Loli is dressed up extra sexy-cute with one of her Mommy's lace bodysuits over her pink diapers, its back into the restraints for her bimbo babysitter! Lolette offers to share her bottle of milk with her grown up play toy, but Bubbles doesn't seem very interested. So, Loli squeezes the bottle to dribble milk out onto her babysitter's breasts. Bubbles has such big ones that baby Lolette can't resist nursing on the tied up girl. As if that wasn't enough, Loli makes Bubbles actually suckle on the nipple of her bottle, just like a baby. Bubbles protests against such humiliation, but Loli shuts her up with a pacifier gag from Mommy's box of special grown up toys. Now that Bubble's big mouth is taken care of, Loli wants to try out Mommy's favorite toy... The hitachi magic wand, but Lolette is just a baby, and she seems confused about where to put it. She uses Bubbles muffled moans and whines to discover where the vibrating head goes, but quickly gets jealous of the fun her dumb babysitter gets to have and tries it out on herself instead. Even through her thick diaper the toy has a powerful effect on Lolette, who squeaks with surprise before resuming her torment of the gagged and bound babysitter. Making Bubbles squirm seems to give baby Lolette naughty ideas. After tucking a vibrating bullet into her babysitter's panties Lolette rubs her diaper in frustration... She's too little to know what to do about that funny feeling bossing around her babysitter gives her, so she lays back to suckle on her bottle and squeeze her baby thighs together while Bubbles moans. Some babysitter!

10 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles Pt-1

Bubbles has been hired as a babysitter by Moon, to take care of her little princess, Lolette.  It's her first day on the job, and Moon is showing Bubbles how to change the baby's diaper.  As Moon explains how it's done, Loli is sweet and obedient to her Mommy

7 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl Pt-3

Sorority girl Odette is still refusing to be the good baby Mommy Moon wants her to be, but she's soon going to realize that she no longer has a choice. Moon and Winnie have left their little girl tied to the changing table for what feels like hours! too long for her to hold it. The ball gag they put in her mouth makes it impossible to cry out, to cuss, or complain, and the headphones filling her ears with lullaby music makes it impossible to even think!  Moon comes to check on her  but Odette has yet to wet for her.  She expects to be let out of her diapers and untied from the table... but Moon is happy to prove her wrong! As soon as her baby is wiped clean, its right back into diapers! and she's not being let out of her cuffs until she learns to behave, and wet her diapers like a good little baby.

9 minutes 


Apple Loves D's Cock

Baby Apple wants to show Daddy D what a good girl she can be.  She crawls to him, and looks up innocently as she undoes his pants.  Apple loves to see his cock get hard for her, and can't wait to have it in her mouth.  She gives it kisses, teases it with her tongue, and sucks on it just the way he likes.  Baby Apple is so focused on Daddy, her diaper gets completely soaked by the time she makes him cum.  Of course, Daddy will be happy to change such a good little girl.

6 minutes 


Bubbles Sweetly Diapers You POV

Mommy Bubbles just gave you a bath -- but now its time to get ready for bed, and that means diapers for baby! Mommy looks so yummy in her sexy nighty, straddling you on the changing table while she unfolds the crinkly diaper she's going to tape you into. Her breasts look so big... and they're so close to your face! You want to nurse on them, but Mommy is very firm that it's past your bedtime. "I know you want to sleep with Mommy...," she coos, "but little babies have to go nini in their crib."

5 minutes 


Apple in a Crinklz Diaper

Apple is trying out the new Crinklz diaper, and she's just finished putting one on.  Apple loves the way they feel, and can't resist the urge to press her thighs together and touch herself where it feels nice.  Then she gets onto her hands and knees, and wets her diaper like a good little girl.  She gets distracted by a cuddly teddy bear for a while, but before long the feelings between her legs draw her attention back to her naughty pussy.  Laying on her changing table - Baby Apple sucks her pacifier and holds her teddy close, while she slips a hand inside her diaper and rubs herself until she cums.

10 minutes 


Boyfriend Gets Sent to the Regression Clinic POV Pt-5

Now that Lolette has been admitted into the regression program along with you, nurses Moon and Apple have complete control over what happens to you both. While Moon tucks you into a fresh diaper on the changing table, Apple is training Lolette to enjoy her diapers like a good little baby slut! The hitachi magic wand Apple uses on the front of Lolette's diaper feels so good it makes the newly regressed ex-nurse wet herself! While Apple forces Lolette to suck on her perky little breasts, nurse Moon coos and baby-talks you into opening up for another dose of regression medicine. It's just a matter of time now before the medicine takes full effect and you both lose all control of your bladders -- becoming perfectly incontinent adult babies, ready for adoption!

7 minutes 


Maid Lexi Gets Punished

The Maid, Lexi, is supposed to be busy cleaning up the playroom.  Lolette is the lady of the house, and she's come to check Lexi's progress.  Unfortunately for Lexi, Lolette is not at all pleased that the job isn't done yet.  In order to get her lazy maid to work harder, she decides there needs to be some extra motivation.  Lexi knows Lolette is completely in control, so she reluctantly obeys when she is ordered to lay down and spread her legs to be diapered.  A diaper isn't the only thing in store for the lazy maid, however.  To make sure Lexi won't be too comfortable until her tasks are done, Lolette pushes a butt plug into her naughty bottom and a remote-controlled vibrator into her pussy, before securely taping the diaper in place.  Maybe now Lexi will feel a sense of urgency for finishing her work.  She certainly won't be taking any bathroom breaks - or sitting down on the job!

9 minutes 


Apple Feeds Lily

Lily is having so much fun playing in the nursery and looking super cute in her fluffy Snuggies Diaper.  Mommy Apple supervises Lily playing with blocks, but it's time to feed the little baby.  Apple puts a bib on Lily and feeds her some yummy baby food.   Being cared for by Apple makes Lily feel so little, she gets pureed food all over her face.  Luckily, Mommy has a wipe ready to clean up her messy baby, and a sippy cup of juice for her to drink.  Once snack time is over, Apple helps Lily up, and leads her into the bathroom to take a bath.  You can see that Mommy Apple and Baby Lily have a very sweet connection, and have a lot of fun playing together.

6 minutes 


Boyfriend Gets Sent to the Regression Clinic POV Pt-4

The regression clinic has very specific rules for its patients. Nurse Lolette knew that when she forced her boyfriend into the program, but she's waited so long to have him in diapers that she couldn't resist teasing his little cock! Unfortunately for Lolette, Nurse apple caught her in the act and now it's time to pay the price. Rather than being fired, the head nurse has decided that Lolette is going to be admitted into the program herself! She and Nurse Apple strip off Lolette's uniform before restraining her on the exam table, where they force her to take a regression tablet. They lay out a diaper underneath of her but before they tape it up... Nurse Moon inserts a suppository in her squirmy bottom along with a butt plug! A pair of headphones fill her ears with a lullaby designed to wipe her mind of all those big girl thoughts, transforming her into the perfect little adult baby.

10 minutes 


Apple Changes Her Blue Goodnites

Apple likes to pretend she's a big girl sometimes and wear cute rocket ship printed pullups instead of the thick and fluffy diapers she needs. As cute as her pullups are, apple wets through them very quickly since she's too little to hold it, and she's definitely too little to use the grown up potty! Pretend time is over now that baby apple's pullups are soaked, and she takes them off to show you her smooth and extra soft little pussy. Then she happily changes herself into a thick Crinklez Diaper.

10 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl Pt-2

Forcing Odette into pullups isn't enough for her new mommies - now they have to train her to wet them! Odette has been left tied to the changing table for hours, gagged and dressed in a babyish onesie. No matter how much she had tried to insist that she was an adult, the other two women were bigger, stronger, and the restraints they had forced her into left her no choice but to wet her pretty pink pullup - how humiliating! When Winnie and Moon return to check on their new baby girl they're so excited she's wet, but whatever leniency Odette might be expecting for breaking down and giving them what they want is short lived... Now they're claiming she NEEDS diapers!! Thick, extra padded, babyish ones. Odette struggles and resists while the two women force her into a real diaper, but neither of them are interested in listening to her insistance that she's a grown up. They condescend her with food and 'awww's before taking turns forcing her to nurse on their breasts.

8 minutes 


Winnie Wakes Up Wet

Morning came too quickly, and Winnie slept through her alarm. The Hitachi is still in bed next to her... And with the memory of the orgasm it gave her though her wet diaper winnie can't resist pressing the vibrating head of it against the front of her soaked padding to get herself off again. But play time has made her late! There's no time to change out of her diaper, she's just going to have to wear her wet diaper to work and hope that nobody notices the way the saturated pad makes her waddle! But what's going to happen when she has to wet again? Winnie's diaper is already a soaked, she will definitely leak! She's going to have to wear plastic pants over her wet diaper. After winnie wiggles into them she gets dressed for work. As embarrassing as the idea of someone noticing what she's wearing under her dress is, winnie is turned on by the risk of being caught. Besides, its too late to get changed. If she's late to the office again her boss will definitely bend her over his desk and spank her, and then EVERYONE will know about her diapers!

5 minutes 


Punished Sorority Girl

Odette is the wild-child of the neighborhood, and her sorority house is right next door to Miss Winnie & Moon. They could perhaps forgive a little late night partying from the girls, but Odette's voice is always the loudest - squealing and shouting, stripping off her clothes and doing the sort of drunken slutty things the two women are sure no mother would approve of! The whole neighborhood is fed up with the girls antics, but its Winnie and Moon that step up to handle the situation. They've complained to the Home Owners' Association several times about the sorority sisters having too much fun, and now the girls are down to their last chance... but Odette is going to have to do something for Winnie and Moon if she doesn't want her sisters to be kicked out! The truth is, Winnie has always wanted a very special little girl to take care of, and Moon agrees that Odette would be the perfect adult baby for them! She just needs a little training first. The two women are much bigger and stronger than little Odette, and they crowd her between them to lead her up the stairs. When they open the door at the end of the hall Odette is completely shocked... its a full nursery, decorated with baby things and stocked with adult-sized baby furniture! This is too weird! But unfortunately for Odette, Miss Winnie & Moon aren't going to let her leave. This is her room now, and now that she's their little girl there are going to be some behavior changes... They strip off her indecent clothes while the tiny blonde sorority slut struggles and protests! but there's nothing she can do. They force Odette to pee in a pink, princess training potty and let her know while she's going that this will be the last time she ever gets to use a potty -- she's going to spend the rest of her life as their baby girl! Winnie and Moon force her to wear a humiliating pink pullup, but they don't expect it to last long... Whether Odette likes it or not, her reverse potty training has started.

7 minutes 


Boyfriend Gets Sent to the Regression Clinic POV Pt-3

After your check up with head nurse Moon you've been admitted to the nursery ward. Everything here is soft, pastel colored, and soothing -- making it twice as hard to resist the effects of the 'regression medicine' they gave you. You never used to like diapers - in fact, no matter how many times your girlfriend tried to get you to wear them for her you'd always stubbornly refused - but now that the choice was taken away from you its impossible not to get hard, taped into the crinkly plastic and the soft padding inside it! You want to cum almost as bad as you want to suck on nurse Moon's big, milky breasts again, but with your hands mittened and cuffed to the table there's nothing you can do but helplessly fuss and struggle! But... your girlfriend is coming in! She looks so hot in her short nurse uniform... She has a bottle for you to drink, but as soon as you do you recognize the same taste as the regression medicine! Its in your formula! You don't want to drink it, don't want to be a baby, but it tastes too good to resist. You swallow it greedily until your girlfriend takes the nipple out of your mouth. The medicine they gave you is making it hard to think straight, and you realize that you can't even speak! but your girlfriend is saying something. She's not supposed to do this; she could get in trouble; you're not allowed to cum at this stage in the program, but you look so sexy in your diaper... She really likes this stuff?! You don't have time to think about it. She's using some sort of vibrating wand on the front of your diaper, and you can feel the tingle of it on the head of your cock all the way down in your balls. Your diaper crinkles noisily as she drags the toy against it, and you realize that wearing a diaper makes the feeling so much better! But then your girlfriend takes the toy away... they've made you too little to speak, so you kick your feet and squirm to try to communicate what you want, but your girlfriend just smiles, giggling at you for being cute, and starts to unbutton her uniform. She strips down to just her bra, panties, and white thigh high stockings before turning the toy back on. This is really turning her on! She's encouraging you to cum, telling you what a good boy you would be if you came in your diapers, and reminding you that you have to hurry! that she's breaking the rules! but its too late... the other nurse is there, in the doorway. The one that sat her wet diaper in your face! She's upset with your girlfriend - who quickly turns off the toy and tries to make excuses - and she drags her away while you're left laying there, tied to the changing table with a hard cock and a diaper you know you're going to have to wet again.

5 minutes 


Princess Lolette Plays With Babysitter Bubbles

As soon as Lolette's mommy left for the day, Loli's good girl act vanished; if Bubbles doesn't do what the spoiled, diaper princess wants she's going to be out of a job -- or worse, Loli might tell everyone what she's been making Bubbles do in the nursery. Unfortunately for Bubbles, her idea to play along until Loli gets bored of their little games doesn't seem to be working out... Already today, Lolette had coerced her into getting into Mommy's closet to bring the little girl something slinky and slutty to wear.  Now that Loli is dressed up extra sexy-cute with one of her Mommy's lace bodysuits over her pink diapers, its back into the restraints for her bimbo babysitter! Lolette offers to share her bottle of milk with her grown up play toy, but Bubbles doesn't seem very interested. So, Loli squeezes the bottle to dribble milk out onto her babysitter's breasts. Bubbles has such big ones that baby Lolette can't resist nursing on the tied up girl. As if that wasn't enough, Loli makes Bubbles actually suckle on the nipple of her bottle, just like a baby. Bubbles protests against such humiliation, but Loli shuts her up with a pacifier gag from Mommy's box of special grown up toys. Now that Bubble's big mouth is taken care of, Loli wants to try out Mommy's favorite toy... The hitachi magic wand, but Lolette is just a baby, and she seems confused about where to put it. She uses Bubbles muffled moans and whines to discover where the vibrating head goes, but quickly gets jealous of the fun her dumb babysitter gets to have and tries it out on herself instead. Even through her thick diaper the toy has a powerful effect on Lolette, who squeaks with surprise before resuming her torment of the gagged and bound babysitter. Making Bubbles squirm seems to give baby Lolette naughty ideas. After tucking a vibrating bullet into her babysitter's panties Lolette rubs her diaper in frustration... She's too little to know what to do about that funny feeling bossing around her babysitter gives her, so she lays back to suckle on her bottle and squeeze her baby thighs together while Bubbles moans. Some babysitter!

10 minutes 


Odette in the Playpen

Odette has been left in the playpen, so she doesn't get into any trouble or try to crawl away.  She has plenty of things to keep her entertained and happy, though.  After playing with her Teddy Bear and some colorful keys, Odette starts to become interested in the way her diaper feels between her legs.  It must feel pretty nice, because sitting on her pillow leads to lots of cute bouncing and pillow-humping.  Little Odette is becoming quite turned on, so she uses the vibrator that's been left in the playpen for her.  She presses it between her legs, but her diaper is so thick, she has to sit on top of her toy before she's able to cum.  Afterward, she feels so relaxed, she curls up and drifts off to sleep.

8 minutes 


Apple in Pink Aww So Cutes Pt-2

I love being Daddy's babydoll.  I drink my bottle of milk for daddy, wet my diaper and hump my pillow.   I love showing off for Daddy.  I beg Daddy to let me use my fairy wand and make cummies.

14 minutes 



Sasha Catches Lolette Being Naughty

Little Lolette seems to think she's a big girl. Just because mommy let her wear panties she thinks that its ok to dip her curious fingers under them to play with her special place. But Mommy Sasha catches her in the act, and reminds her little girl that only Mommy gets to touch her there. Since Lolette can't be trusted to behave herself she's going to have to be diapered so touching isn't a choice! Mommy sweetly teases her baby, who is so turned on she can't help but arch her back and buck her little hips when powder is sprinkled over her bare pussy. The extra stuffer she needs to keep her from leaking is so soft between her legs! Sasha pulls it up snug between Lolette's thighs, which squeeze together as she enjoys the feeling of her diapers being taped up. Even though she cant touch her naughty place - and she definitely isn't allowed to wear panties! - Loli is in total baby space and is content to snuggle on her mommy. Mommy always knows what's best for her!

14 minutes 


Boyfriend Gets Sent to the Regression Clinic POV Pt-2

By the time you arrive at the regression clinic you've had to empty your bladder several times, and the only place to do it is in your diaper. The nurses have assisted your girlfriend in getting their 'very soggy baby patient' into the clinic and strapped down onto the exam table, where your girlfriend makes it known that she's secretly been feeding you regression 'vitamins' ! That explains why you've had to pee so much lately... Head nurse Moon is the bustiest of the three women squishing and crinkling your diaper, and you learn from her conversation with the other girls that your sudden fixation with her big, milky breasts is another effect of the treatment your girlfriend has started you on. As soon as Moon tugs her uniform aside and starts to tease you with her breasts - cupping and squeezing them - you're hypnotized, but it isn't until you have one of her nipples in your mouth that you feel fully satisfied. Unfortunately, she only lets you nurse long enough for the other two to get your diaper untaped so they can sneak a fresh one underneath your butt! You don't know why you're so upset when she takes her breasts away, but it feels like you're going to cry. Before you know it Nurse Apple is stripping out of her uniform to reveal some very sexy lingerie... and a big, puffy white diaper! which she sits directly on your face. The soft plastic still feels warm against your face, and you know immediately that the nurse has recently used her diaper. The feel of her grinding against your nose and mouth along with the crinkling sounds it causes are starting to turn you on, much to your confusion. What's happening to you?!! But it's too late. The nurse riding your face helped your girlfriend powder your twitching cock, and the three ladies have you taped up in a fresh diaper before you can even try to resist.

7 minutes 



Odette Aww So Cute

Odette is glad she's finished with being dressed like an adult for the day.  She strips off all her grown-up clothes and finds a pacifier to suck on before laying an AwwSoCute diaper, with two inserts, out on the changing table.  The diaper is so fluffy, Odette's bottom sinks right in when she sits down on top of it!  She uses a fuzzy powder-puff to cover herself in baby powder, then tapes the bulky diaper up snug between her legs.  For the final touches, Odette slips on plastic panties and a lacy, blue, baby-doll top.

8 minutes 


Winnie and Lexi Pet Play

Winnie is training Lexi to be her diapered pet.  She has Lexi stripped naked with nothing but a collar, cuffs and cute ears on.  Things aren't going to be easy for this cute, little, diaper pet though,  Winnie is strict and in control.  She has been making sure her pet has been drinking plenty of fluids and now Lexi desperately has to pee.  Winnie spreads the diaper out as Lexi squirms and begs...  Oops, Winne has to go get something in the other room.  She tells Lexi to wait until she comes back to diaper her.  However, as soon as Winnie leaves the room, Lexi gets on top of the diaper and starts to pee.  It's such a relief she can't stop, even when Winnie walks back into the room.  Lexi failed to follow Winnie's instructions, so she needs to be punished if she is ever going to be an obedient pet.  Winnie spanks Lexi with a leather paddle until she is properly sorry, then finishes diapering her. 

7 minutes 


Boyfriend Gets Sent to the Regression Clinic POV Pt- 1

Your girlfriend is gorgeous, and the sex has been amazing... if a little weird. She told you when you first met that she's incontinent, and while you don't mind her wearing diapers - you've even started to find the way the thick padding emphasizes the natural curves of her hips and ass kind of sexy - you've refused every time she's tried to talk you into wearing a diaper, too. It just seems so embarrassing! A healthy adult man shouldn't wear diapers... right? But that's not the only strange thing: Your girlfriend has been avoiding telling you about her career. You've tried snooping through her phone, but all her messages with coworkers only vaguely reference something called 'the clinic'. Unfortunately for you, your girlfriend knows you've been going through her phone, and she's tired of your insistent curiosity. Today, you're going to find out exactly what she does at 'the clinic'. You two have a couple drinks together with dinner, but the rest of the evening is fuzzy until you wake up to find your hands are cuffed together and your sexy girlfriend is standing over you. She says she's a nurse at a 'Regression Clinic', where she and the other nurses turn big strong grown ups like you into good little diaper-wearing adult babies... and she's told her friends from work how stubborn you've been about refusing to wear diapers for her, but none of that matters anymore. After today, you won't have any choice. Apple and Head Nurse, Moon, are here to help your girlfriend prepare you for admittance into the 'regression program', and they hush your protests with a pacifier gag - because this isn't about you; you don't have a say anymore, and no one cares what you think about what's about to happen. Your girlfriend gets so turned on by nurses Moon and Apple forcing you into a diaper that she can't help but lean back in a chair, lift her skirt, and rub the front of her own crinkly diaper. The girls make sure you're snuggly padded for the long ride to the clinic... and you better get used to wetting in a diaper, cause where you're going... potty privileges are off-limits for the little baby they're going to train you to be: Just like your girlfriend has always wanted!

6 minutes 


Sasha Spanks and Diapers Bunny

Bunny has been a bad, bad school girl -- and Mommy Sasha means to spank that attitude out of her! Bunny's hands turn those naughty little girl cheeks a rosy red before she orders Bunny up onto the changing table: If she wants to act like a baby, Mommy Sasha is going to Treat her like a baby! and that means no more panties for Bunny. Sasha unfolds a thick diaper for Bunny. Having that extra soft padding beneath her feels so good on her well-spanked bottom!

10 minutes 


Regression Therapy for Gabby

Lately, Gabby has been having a lot of trouble managing the difficulties of her adult life.  Her doctor recommended a regression therapy program to help manage her stress level, and Gabby decided to give it a try.  When she signed the waiver to enter the program, Gabby wasn't sure what to expect, and had no idea that she'd be placed under the complete control of the clinic's staff for the duration of her therapy.  Now, Gabby finds herself restrained and diapered in the clinic's Nursery Ward, as Nurse Lolette begins the next phase of her treatment.  Lolette opens Gabby's wet diaper, slips a remote controlled vibrator inside of her pussy, and tapes the diaper back up snug around Gabby's hips.  This is to help Gabby learn to enjoy being diapered and wetting.  Next it's time for Gabby's new medication.  Lolette makes her open wide and places a pill into her mouth.  Once it takes effect, Gabby will lose full control of her bladder and become intensely sexually aroused.  Soon she won't have any control over when she wets, and all she'll want is for the nice Nurses to let her cum.  Nurse Lolette pushes a pacifier gag into her helpless patient's mouth and leaves her to finish wetting her diaper, as the vibrator continues to pulse inside of her.

11 minutes 


Baby Ellie's Snack-Time

Little Ellie has been playing in the nursery in her fuzzy bear jacket and pink all-in-one cloth diaper, under the watchful eye of Mommy Apple.  Now, it's time for her afternoon snack.  Mommy lays Ellie in her lap and holds a bottle for her baby to drink.  When Baby has had enough, Mommy sits her up, takes off her fuzzy jacket and replaces it with a bib.  Ellie also has to wear mittens and let her Mommy secure her wrists to the highchair with softly padded cuffs - Mommy doesn't want Baby to make a mess with her food!  Once Ellie is all ready, Mommy spoon-feeds her some yummy apple sauce, and helps her drink more of her bottle.

10 minutes 


Apple Wets Her Pullups and Cums Pt-2

Daddy Made me cum right on top of my diaper.  Now he finishes diapering me, covering me in baby powder and taping my thick diaper up nice and tight.  When he's done he gives me a big hug and then leaves me on the table to play with my lamb rattle.   

8 minutes 


Winnie Regresses Lolette

Lolette thinks she's too old for diapers now, but ever since Daddy started letting her wear panties she's been a sassy, back-talking brat! She used to be such a sweet baby... a perfect Daddy's girl, waddling around in her puffy white diapers! Daddy wants his little baby back, and Nurse Winnie at the ABDreams Regression Clinic is determined to make it happen. She doesn't take 'no' for an answer when Lolette refuses to take off her clothes, and after a hard spanking with the leather paddle Lolette wont be telling her to 'fuck off' again! Even Lolette has a hard time feeling like a big girl when her red, spanked ass is tied down to the exam table. The nurse force-feeds her a regression tablet that is quick to take effect, turning Lolette into a blushing little baby slut that can't help but moan when Winnie puts a diaper under her bottom and tugs that soft pad up between her legs, pressing it against her pussy. When the special vitamin takes full affect it makes Lolette's pussy ache for attention, but unfortunately for Lolette... she's still just barely adult enough to feel ashamed and scared as her bladder fills up and the urge to wet becomes hard to resist. But Winnie doesn't care to hear her complaints, either, and Lolette ends up with a pacifier gag in her mouth while she's left to wait for the Doctor.

14 minutes 


Apple in a Pink Aww So Cute Diaper

Apple knows how much you like the view under her skirt, where just a little peak of her pink 'Aww So Cutes' diapers are visible, and she's all too happy to show off for Daddy. What do you think about when you're watching her lips part around the swollen nipple of her pacifier..? Can you tell she's imagining its the head of your cock? Even with her special place taped up in a diaper she's still a horny little baby, and now that she has Daddy's attention... she thinks she's wearing entirely too much clothing. With bashful giggles and smiles, Apple takes off her shirt and the pink school-girl skirt she was wearing under it, teasing Daddy with how cute her sexy training bra looks on her little boobies! But even that has to go. Once she's naked Apple feels even more like Daddy's baby girl, and she gets a little fussy as the need to wet starts to become hard to ignore...

13 minutes 


Babysitter Bubbles

Mommy Apple didn't expect to find a baby sitter for her special little girl so easily, but Bubbles didn't pay much attention to the details - the money was what she wanted. It was going to be a piece of cake.. all she had to do was make sure the lady's adult baby kept her diaper on until she came back and that the house was still in one piece when she got there. Hell, she might as well text her boyfriend and invite him over since she was going to be alone for a couple hours... At least, that was been the plan. Unfortunately for Bubbles, Lolette isn't an easy baby to look after. The little brat threatens to tell her Mommy what the irresponsible babysitter has been up to if she want agree to play a very special 'game' with her -- the kind of game where Bubbles does whatever Loli says! The busty bimbo finds herself in quite the predicament.. tied to the little girls adult sized crib and blackmailed into wearing diapers! When Lolette gets tired of listening to Bubbles' stupid excuses she forces a pacifier gag into the bimbo's mouth, holding her hostage for a tea party! Lolette is such a naughty, naughty girl...

9 minutes 


Bathtime For Lily

At the end of the day, it's bath-time for Baby Lily.  Mommy Apple untapes her soaked diaper, and helps her into a nice, warm bubble bath.  Lily plays with toys in the bubbles while her Mommy uses a washcloth to make sure she's clean all over.  When bath time is over, Apple has a big, fluffy towel to wrap her baby up in.

7 minutes 


Nurse POV

Nurse Moon and Apple have a very naughty patient, he won't stop getting excited and touching himself.  We have just the thing for him.  First we restrain out naughty patient to the table with a Velcro medical strap.  Then we rub him with baby lotion and powder him.  We tape his diaper up tight and strap his legs to the table with another strap.  We leave him knowing he wont be able to touch himself anymore.  

7 minutes 


Apple Changes Lexi into a Cloth Diaper

Little Lexi has to be kept in diapers 24/7 after her last bed wetting accident because she's much too little to remember to use the potty, even during the day. But when Mommy Apple comes to check on her she notices that the disposable diaper Lexi is wearing can't hold up to how much the little girl has to potty! Mommy lays her little one back onto the lamb skin rug to untape her diaper and gently clean her off. Lexi is all smiles and giggles for her Mommy while she pins on the softer, fluffier cloth diaper she folded and laid out for her baby. Once the diaper is snug and secure between Lexi's legs and on her hips the two share a hug.

9 minutes 


Apple Wets Her Pullups and Cums

I'm waiting on the changing table for Daddy in nothing but a pullup.  I love how soft they feel and how cute and pink they are.  It makes me so horny, I wet them and show them off,  I get onto my hands and knees and wiggle around.  I start to touch them and rub them against me.  I feel so blushy and cute.  Daddy walks in and sees how wet I am, he knows I need a diaper now but I don't want to take off my warm, wet pullups yet.  Daddy opens the Velcro sides and takes them off anyway to wipe me clean.  I'm feeling so funny between my legs I cant stop touching.  Daddy moves my hands away and puts mittens on me and teases me with the soft thick diaper insert.  I get very fussy so, Daddy gives me my pacifier and rubs the baby lotion in very nicely and makes me cum right on top of my diaper.  

11 minutes 


Koneko And Moon

Koneko brought a baby friend today to play with her at the ABDreams Nursery - little Moon! The two of them are dressed in baby clothes that make them feel so little, and Mommy Apple has filled the playpen with teddy bears and toys for them to play with. She has also left them two bottles to drink to encourage her little ones to make use of their diapers like good little babies!

5 minutes 


Lolette Gives Ellie a Bottle

Lolette has a new job at the ABDreams daycare, which means that her baby sister, Ellie, will be coming along with her, but Ellie is still a baby and can't be left in the main play area with the bigger kids. For her visit Ellie is swaddled in a terry cloth diaper pinned securely over her little hips, with a pair of crinkly plastic pants over top to keep the baby from leaking. She has tiny mittens, booties, and a bonnet to keep her warm and limit the trouble she can get into while crawling around in the safe and quiet play space that's just for her. Though she's only allowed to have soft and plush stuffed animal toys and big fabric blocks to play with due to her age, Ellie is smiling and giggling happily when Lolette comes to check on her. Lolette feeds Ellie a bottle and checks her little sister's diaper before she has to get back to work. There are so many other little ones that have to be taken care of! but as far as Lolette is concerned, her baby Ellie is the sweetest one.

5 minutes 


Apple Spanks and Diapers Lexi

Lexi has been acting like a spoiled little brat lately and Mommy's had just about enough. Rather than cleaning her room like she was told lexi has been sending naughty texts to boys! All her acting out earns Lexi a spanking over her panties, but Mommy Apple isn't satisfied. The sassy little brat is hand spanked over her panties before they're taken away - only big girls, good girls, get to wear panties - and Apple punishes Lexi's bottom with the back of a hair brush. After a nice blush of pink is spanked into her cheeks Lexi is forced into a diaper, reminding the wanna-be brat with infantilising humiliation that if she wants to act like a baby... Mommy is going to treat her like one.

9 minutes 


Koneko and Lexi Struggle in Bondage

Koneko and Lexi were both rebellious, very naughty girls before they were admitted to the ABDreams Regression Clinic. They've had a hard time adjusting to having their potty privileges taken away and have both refused to use their diapers like the good little babies the program is training them to be. Of course, Lolette knows it's just a matter of time before both girls become incapable of holding their bladders, and has devised an extra special punishment for her two troublemakers. Lexi and Koneko were stripped naked - left in only their bibs and diapers - and both girls were cuffed at the wrists and ankles. Nurse Lolette ordered that a spreader bar be attached to their ankle restraints to force her legs wide open, making it impossible for the girls to forget about the thick bulk of the diapers between their legs; For their naughty mouthes she prescribed a ball gag, taking away their ability to cuss or even talk, and to make sure they can't crawl away... Lolette instructed that the girls be tied together, forcing Lexi and Koneko can watch while the other girl struggles helplessly against her restraints and the growing need to wet her diaper. (You get to see the girls struggle with their punishment and observe their progress in the regression program.)

5 minutes 


Apple and Bubbles Play

Apple and Bubbles love to play together. Watch these cute, silly little babies poke at each others thick diapers, play with blocks and cuddle. 

7 minutes 


Apple Dressed Up For Easter

Even though little Apple is still a baby she isn't shy about lifting the hem of her Easter dress to tease you with the diaper she has on underneath of her tights. While she's turned over onto her tummy she gives you that doe-eyed, over the shoulder, look of hers when she catches you peeking at her diapered bottom! but her smiles and giggles are playful, and while she cuddles with the fluffy new bunny toy she got in her Easter basket you get an up close look at the way her all-white diaper wedges her thighs apart when she tries to walk, or crawl, or sit.

14 minutes 


Lolette Changes Lily

Lily is having a fun time playing on the rocking horse, until her diaper starts to feel a little too wet.  It's making her uncomfortable and a little bit fussy, but sweet babysitter Lolette is close by, ready to take care of Lily.  After helping her up onto the changing table, Lolette takes off the soaked disposable and gets Lily all clean with baby wipes.  She lifts Lily's legs and slides a new, fluffy diaper under her before using a soft powder-puff to cover her bottom and pussy in baby powder.  Then she pulls the diaper up between Lily's legs and tapes it snugly in place.  Now Lily is all comfy and dry, and ready to play again!

5 minutes 


Winnie Wets and Cums

Winnie tries so hard to be a big girl... she gets up in the morning and dresses in her big girl clothes to go to her big girl job, but when she gets home there's no denying what she needs. She gets comfortable in a see-through blue nighty and a Tena Slip, but her diaper doesn't last five minutes before the busty blonde relaxes her bladder and soaks the thin pad with urine. Now that she's all wet, Winnie helps herself relax with an orgasm from the Hitachi Magic Wand. The vibration, pressed against the crinkly plastic, get her there but its the feel of the wet padding bunched between her legs and against her pussy that makes this girl cum!

6 minutes 


Apple Gets Sent to the School Nurse

Poor school girl, Apple, has had and accident in class and now her panties are all wet.  To make things even worse, she's been sent to the school nurse because of it!  Nurse Moon ignores Apple's embarrassment as she lifts her skirt to get a look at her wet panties.  She proceeds to completely undress Apple before explaining that she'll have to be sent back to class in a diaper to prevent any more accidents.  Apple fusses and pouts, but knows better than to disobey when she's told to climb up onto the exam table and sit on an open diaper.  Nurse Moon tells Apple to hold still while she's diapered, but that doesn't stop Apple from looking very upset and humiliated as she is rubbed with lotion and powder by the school nurse.

7 minutes 


Winnie Puts On a Tena Slip Diaper

Winnie has just gotten home from a long day at work.  So, now it's time to get comfortable and relax.  She undresses and lays a diaper out on the lambskin rug in her living room, takes her time feeling how soft the diaper is between her legs, rubbing baby powder onto her shaved pussy, then taping the diaper up nice and snug. 

7 minutes 


Sweet Mommy Apple POV

Mommy Apple is taking care of her Baby Boy after work.  She pulls down his pants and underwear, while telling him what a good boy he is, and that he just needs to relax and let his Mommy take care of him.  She lotions him, covers him with soft baby powder, and wraps his cock up in a fluffy diaper that he'll have to wet before Mommy changes him again at bedtime.

9 minutes 


Koneko Diapered After Her Bath

Koneko has had plenty of time to play with all her favorite toys in the bath. Lolette comes back to help her little big girl out of the tub so she can dry her off with a nice, soft and fluffy princess towel. Rather than getting her dressed, Lolette leads Koneko back into the nursery to help her into a fresh diaper. Koneko is too little to fuss or fight about it, though once she's powdered and the tapes of the diaper are secured around her little waist she's not too little to be adorable, and give Lolette cuddles.

7 minutes 


Cheshire Diapers Her Baby Boyfriend

Zach thought he was so lucky to have found a girlfriend that didn't mind his diaper fetish. Everything was sweet at first - with Cheshire groping his diapered butt in public and teasing him about the bit of white plastic peaking out above the waistband of his jeans - it wasn't until the first time she coerced him into being comfortable with her changing his wet diaper that he realized Cheshire wasn't just ok with his fetish... she intended to take advantage of it! Now it isn't his decision when he wears anymore, Cheshire decides when it's time to put a diaper on her baby boyfriend. If he protests when Cheshire leads him into the nursery she just giggles and boops his nose in a condescending way. Zach has resigned himself to being her diapered boytoy, and doesn't resist her, which means 'Mommy' Cheshire is in a good mood. She takes away his grown up pants and underwear and helps him onto the table, where he's earned an intimate and reassuring kiss before his girlfriend starts to diaper him.

8 minutes 


Sasha Has Bunny All Tied Up

Bunny and Sasha share a secret... they're both gorgeous girls that love diapers! Fortunately for Bunny, Sasha also loves tying up flirty little brats and making them cum -- but not before she makes them wet for her! Whatever Bunny did to get herself in trouble this time it must have been serious, because Sasha isn't playing around. Bunny is left alone in the nursery - with her arms bound above her head, a thick diaper between her thighs, and a spreader bar to force her legs apart - to think about her behavior. When Sasha thinks her little girl has had enough she returns to tease her, pretending to have forgotten tying her up, and she brings a full baby bottle and the hitachi magic wand with her to play.

11 minutes 


Naughty Apple in a Tena Diaper Pt-3

My warm, wet diaper makes me feel little and wiggly.  I'm very turned on, so I get my magic wand out.  It feels so good vibrating against my wet diaper.  I spit out my paci and suck my thumb while I orgasm.  After I cum I feel so nice I put the paci back in my mouth then cuddle my blanket and bear. 

5 minutes 


Cheshire Tries Potty Training Apple

Apple is such a big girl, she gets to wear pull-ups!  She still needs a little help using the potty, though.  Mommy Cheshire knows it's time for Apple to make peepee, otherwise she might have an accident.  Apple is a little reluctant to go, but Mommy pulls down her training pants and sits her on the potty anyway.  Cheshire waits for Apple to pee, but Apple seems to be having trouble, and nothing comes out.  If she isn't going to use the potty like a big girl,  poor little Apple is going back in diapers.  She fusses and pouts, but Mommy Cheshire isn't going to take no for an answer.  She lays Apple down, makes her spread her legs, and pulls a thick, white diaper up between them.

9 minutes 


Lexi Changed by Winnie

Mommy Winnie is sweetly taking care of Baby Lexi, who has a soaking wet diaper.  Lexi loves being cared for, especially when she needs to be changed.  So, she is well behaved and very submissive for her Mommy.  Lexi happily plays with her stuffed piggy and her toes, while Winnie wipes her off, rubs her with lotion and baby powder, and wraps her up in a fresh diaper.  Afterward, Mommy and Baby share a tender moment  as Winnie breastfeeds her little girl.

9 minutes 


Lolette Changes Bubbles

Being swaddled in extra soft diapers has Lolette and Bubbles fully immersed in baby-space, and the two of them are happy to play with their favorite toys in the nursery. Bubbles is too little to resist the urge to wet her diaper like the good baby Mommy Apple has been training her to be - in fact, the wide-eyed cutie is too little to even realize she's emptied her bladder. However, Lolette quickly discovers what her baby friend has done and decides to take care of Bubbles by helping her into a clean diaper. Bubbles puts up a bit of a fuss - especially when Lolette starts to rub powder onto her little pussy and bottom - but Lolette sweetly soothes her by pressing the nipple of a pacifier between her lips for Bubbles to suckle on. Though Bubbles is still embarrassed and fussy over being changed by another baby, the two press their diapers together and snuggle to make up.

10 minutes 



Sexy Koneko

Koneko has been waiting all day for you to come home, and you're in for a big surprise when you do! She found that secret stash of diapers in your closet and is dressed to greet you in sexy thigh high stockings, a lace top, and a purple molicare diaper to match her high heels. She knows what you like and is eager to show off the thick padding of her molicare from multiple angles, teasing you with her long, sexy legs and the crinkle of the diaper between her thighs. She poses suggestively on the couch with her legs spread and that wicked smirk she wears makes it obvious that she knows exactly what she's doing to you...

7 minutes 


Naughty Apple in a Tena Diaper Pt-2

Apple humps her fluffy pillow in her dry Tena Slip Maxis.  She gently touches her boobies that are peaking out from under her bib, it makes her make cute little moans and giggles.  Then Apple floods her diapers with pee making them feel so wet and warm, it feels so good. 

6 minutes 


Dommy Cheshire

It's Diaper-Training time for Apple.  Sometimes she needs to be reminded that good little girls wet their diapers, and Cheshire is happy to help.  She has Apple restrained against a wall, over a waterproof pad - just in case there are any leaks.  Even though Apple is stuck in leather cuffs, Cheshire treats her very sweetly as she checks her diaper and forces her to drink a bottle of milk.  Before long, Apple is helpless to stop herself from peeing.  Once she's wet, it's time to give her some positive reinforcement for being such a good girl.  So, Cheshire rewards Apple by using a Hitachi Magic Wand to make her cum in her soaked diaper.

9 minutes 


Lexi's Special Diaper Change

Baby lexi has a very wet diaper, and now that Daddy has come to check on her she's all too eager to be changed. She's too little to communicate with words but she lets Daddy know what she needs by nuzzling him sweetly and hugging his waist. After checking her diaper to be sure, Daddy lifts his little girl into his arms and onto the changing table, where he strips off all her baby clothes and untapes a very wet diaper! but Lexi is a squirmy baby, and Daddy knows what that means.. After she's all wiped off and clean Daddy rubs her little pussy with lotion. The grown up touches wear the little girl out, and her eyes get heavy. Daddy gives her a stuffed toy to snuggle while he dusts her pussy and bottom with soft white baby powder. The tapes of her diaper are stretched taunt over her little hips before Daddy gives her dry bottom an appreciative pat - crinkling the plastic of her diaper the way they both love.

16 minutes 


Lovely Lily

While Mommy is busy mister teddy is left in charge of babysitting little Lily. She's a curious baby that's just learning her words, and she happily names each toy she interacts with. After building a tower out of soft blocks she helps herself to the bottle Mommy left out for her. All that water has to go somewhere... so its a good thing this baby is diapered. Lily makes friends with a stuffed puppy dog before snuggling up to mister teddy - diapered butt in the air! - to take a nap. It takes more than a little squirming before she's comfortable but the baby doesn't drift off to sleep till her thumb is tucked between her lips for sucking.

5 minutes 


Cheshier and Apple in Pretty Dresses

Babies Apple and Cheshire are both very bashful today, and they giggle while lifting their dresses to show off the thick padding between their legs. The white plastic of their diapers crinkles as the girls move about the nursery, crawling on hands and knees to get into the toy box, sharing sippy cups, and eventually tangling legs in the cutest cuddle puddle you can imagine. The viewer is treated to upskirt views and heavy focus on close ups of two diapered bottoms!

13 minutes 


Naughty Apple in a Tena Diaper Pt-1

Apple is wearing a cute bib that matches her blanket, she has her hair swooped up in a cute side ponytail, and she is wearing a Tena Slip Maxi diaper that is very soft and crinkly.  She plays on the floor and drinks two baby bottles full of water.  We get a close up view of her pink lips sucking the firm silicone nipple of the bottle.  Feeling the thick, dry diaper between her legs makes her want to open and close her legs, and spend some time humping her pillow.  Eventually, she reaches into the front of her diaper to see where the tingly feelings are coming from.

11 minutes 


Lily & Lolette

Babies Lily and Lolette are double diapered in 24/7s in the daycare playroom. Both are coloring happily before Lolette gets upset that Lily coloring a picture of her own rather than paying attention to her! Lily is too little to understand and starts to fuss when her bratty friend takes away her drawing, but she forgives Loli easily when the two share princess sippy cups. While Lily settled back down to color Lolette seems more interested in what's under Lily's dress. The naughty baby crinkles and pats her friends diaper before taking notice of the big package of blocks! Blocks are Loli's favorite, and she upends the container to spill the colorful toys everywhere. Lily is happy to play with her friend, but Lolette is going through her 'terrible twos' and has a hard time sharing. Her bratty ways cause Lily to get upset again and knock over the blocks Loli was building! Of course Lolette immediately starts to fuss and nearly cries, but Lily hugs and cuddles her friend and the two make up.

6 minutes 


Koneko Puts On Cushies

Koneko has had a long day doing boring grown up stuff. Now that she's finally alone its time to take off her shirt as well as those skimpy black panties and replace them with a diaper. The childish print on her diaper is much sexier to her than any grown up underwear. Her eyes are mischievous and teasing as she sprinkles baby powder onto her pussy and pulls the soft insert pad snugly over top of it. Once her diaper is taped on Koneko reaches for her favorite pacifier to help her unwind and relax back into being the little baby she is.

4 minutes 


Apple Wets Her Pants

Apple is taking a nap, she must be having a nice dream because she starts to suck her thumb and pee.  We see the pee soak through her pants and pool around her.  She wakes up confused and upset.  Babysitter Bubbles is upset too when she comes and sees what has happened.  She gets Apple up, undresses her and wipes her clean.  Then Bubbles gives Apple a spanking until her bottom is bright red and Apple is crying that she is sorry.  Bubbles isn't done with her yet, to make sure there aren't anymore messes for her to clean up, she puts Apple in a thick diaper.

9 minutes 


Bunny - Desperation Wetting

Bunny has been very resistant to the idea of wearing diapers, and using them for their intended purpose.  As a punishment, she's been left cuffed to the crib wearing nothing but a thick diaper, surrounded by packages of other diapers she'll eventually have to wear.  She pulls at her cuffs and squirms in desperation, but holding it eventually becomes too much to bear.  Frustrated, humiliated, and unable to escape, Bunny has no choice but flood her diaper with pee. 

9 minutes 


Winnie Horny Crib Bondage

Baby Winnie still thinks she's a grown up girl who can touch her little pussy even though its against Mommy's rules. Too many times when Winnie is supposed to be napping Mommy has caught her baby girl slipping a hand down the front of her diaper instead, so this time Winnie is left diapered and tied up in the crib with mittens on her curious fingers to discourage that naughty habit! But it's going to take stricter punishment to make Winnie behave... The little blonde tease squirms in the crib, creating lots of loud diaper crinkling noises while she tries to find just the right position that will allow her to reach the front of her diaper. All it takes is a bit of rubbing and grinding over the front of her white Bambino to make her cum in her diapers - Mommy is going to be so mad!

6 minutes 


Apple Wets Her Snuggie Diaper

I think the new Snuggie diaper is super cute.  I love the all over pink and blue print and the thick sticky tabs, they make the fit nice and snug - maybe that is how they got the name Snuggies.  I love my new play space too, it's so colorful, the rubber play mat has a soft spongy texture for me to crawl on that makes me happy.  I draw a picture of a pretty flower on my new easel with crayon.  Then I sit on my bottom and open and close my legs a few times before I make a pee-pee.  The camera catches it soaking through the thirsty padding.  I get up and crawl back over to the easel, I pick out some crayons to put the finishing touches on my drawing.  We get some really cute views of my wet bottom.  I crawl over to my teddy bear and tuck my legs to my chest  to relax all happy in my wet diapers.

6 minutes 


Teddy Bear Cheshire

Sleepy Cheshire looks so tiny in her plush bear costume, snuggled up to the biggest, cuddliest teddy in the nursery. She's a sweet baby that gives her teddy friend lots of hugs while showing off the obvious shape of her diaper in those little shorts! She teases you with the pacifier - sliding it across her lips and tongue before closing her mouth around the nipple to suckle on it happily - before tugging the waist band of her shorts down to show you her white 'Rose' Molicare diaper. Her little hands make crinkly sounds over the front of her diaper, fondling the soft padding, before she gets on all fours to wet. The indicator of her Molicare lets you see it up close.

9 minutes 


Lolette Changed By Vanessa and Apple

Baby Lolette is thickly swaddled in three different diapers! Though the extra padding limited the bratty baby to a waddle to keep her out of trouble, she's due for a change and it takes Apple AND Mommy Vanessa to keep her occupied. Lolette is happy to play with her lamb toy at first... but as soon as Apple starts untaping her diapers she turns fussy and squirmy. Lamby can't sooth her but after Loli tugs at the buttons on Mommy's dress Vanessa gives her little girl exactly what she needs to settle down. Lolette is completely distracted by her mommy's breasts, and once her lips wrap around a nipple she turns sweet and complacent for Apple to wipe her clean. While Lolette nurses, Apple sprinkles powder onto Loli's princess parts and bottom before taping her into three fresh diapers, one layer at a time.

12 minutes 


Bubbles Changed for Bedtime

Baby Bubbles is dressed for bed in adorable footed PJs that fit snugly over her Bambino diaper. She plays with her stuffed animals while she waits for Daddy D to come tuck her in. Bubbles is too little and shy to let Daddy know when she needs a change, so he unzips her jammies and checks her diaper for himself. She's already completely soaked through it like usual... like the good girl Daddy wants her to be. Bubbles is blushy while Daddy sweetly changes her into a dry diaper for nini time, but she isn't ready for bed till Daddy gives her a good night kiss.

10 minutes 


Apple and Winnie Play Together

Apple and Winnie have both been diapered in two limited print Fabines for their playdate. While the girls are crawling around they notice how thick the extra padding between their thighs is, preventing them from fully closing their legs. After a little bit of a tantrum breaks out over who gets to cuddle the elephant plushy they both like, the girls decide their clothes are too uncomfy! Apple's shirt is the first to go, and Winnie seems very curious about her perky breasts and nipples. Without her shirt on Apple's diaper looks extra thick and Winnie can't resist crinkling the front of it. Apple helps Winnie out of her onesie before the two diapered cuties snuggle up together so Winnie can feed her new baby friend a bottle of milk.

8 minutes 


Koneko Diaper Pet Pt-2 Highchair and Crawling

Apple comes back to check on her naughty baby, and koneko has a second chance to prove she wants to be a good girl. Apple uncuffs koneko from the changing table and helps her down onto the floor where koneko is made to crawl in her Cushie diaper, mittens, and booties while Apple holds the leash. Koneko minds her manners until Apple locks her into the high chair and expects her to open up for spoonfulls of baby food! Once the whole jar is emptied little koneko is laid down on a blanket to be rewarded with soft pets and diaper fondling.

10 minutes 


Lexi in Dry 24/7s

Lexi is content with her toys in the nursery until the need to wet interrupts her playtime. She shows you the Dry 24/7 diaper that had been peeking out from under the hem of her skirt before wetting it up close for you to see.

5 minutes 


Naughty Bubbles

Bubbles is a naughty little tease who thinks she's grown up enough to wear big girl clothes. Mommy Apple doesn't approve of the way her baby girl is showing off her body but it takes a spanking to teach fussy Bubbles a lesson! Once her bottom is warm and pink Mommy helps her baby right back into a diaper - where she belongs.

5 minutes 


Cheshire Spanked and Diapered

Cheshire has been caught wearing very inappropriate panties, and now her Daddy is going to punish her.  She is given a very firm spanking, and then has her naughty thong replaced by a thick diaper.

5 minutes 


Winnie and Lolette in Cloth Diapers

Winnie & Lolette are wearing thick cloth diapers, playing in the nursery.  They're so adorable together!  Lolette is a bossy little baby, and she keeps declaring all the toys to be "hers".  Winnie knows she's only kidding, so she doesn't mind comforting her friend after Lolette has an accident in her diaper. 

8 minutes 


Koneko Table Bondage

Koneko has been resistant to the idea of wearing diapers, so she's been left in bondage on the changing table.  Gagged and naked, except for a wet diaper, she has no choice but to wait for Apple to change her.  It seems as though Koneko can't help feeling relieved as Apple cleans her up, and rubs her with lotion and powder.  However, she quickly becomes fussy again as her new diaper is taped up, and she's left helpless on the table once more.

10 minutes 


Apple's Slutty Dress

Apple is getting dressed up to go out for the night.  Unfortunately for her, Mommy Bunny sees what she's wearing, and decides that clothes like that are very inappropriate for a little girl like Apple.  Mommy bends Apple over and gives her a good spanking before taking her adult clothes away.  Apple pleads and cries, but Mommy isn't done until her little girl is powdered, diapered, and dressed in a very babyish t-shirt.

10 minutes 


Cheshire Cries

Cheshire has wet herself while napping in the crib.  She wakes up feeling rested, but her wet diaper is starting to make her cranky.  She squirms and fusses, eventually crying for her Daddy to come change her.

5 minutes 


Koneko and Apple Play Together

Apple and Koneko are playing together in the nursery.  They start off innocently looking at a picture book, but somehow that leads to taking each others' shirts off, cuddling, and rubbing their diapers together.

9 minutes 


Lexi Changing Table Bondage

Lexi is being forced into diapers by Sasha and I.  We hold her between us as we strip her naked and restrain her on the changing table with bondage cuffs, ball-gag, and a spreader bar.  Lexi struggles and looks very upset about being diapered, but she helplessly wets herself right away.  Instead of letting her go, we use a Magic Wand to make her cum in her wet diaper.

15 minutes 


Lolette Wets Her Panties

Lolette is coloring a picture in the living room.  She must not have noticed that she needed to use the potty, because she has an accident right there on the floor.  When Mommy Vanessa finds out what her little girl has done, she pulls Lolette over her lap for a spanking before putting her back into diapers.

12 minutes 


Winnie Nurses Bubbles

Winnie is taking good care of Bubbles.   She helps her drink from a sippy-cup, but Bubbles would much rather be breastfed.  Bubbles fusses until Winnie lets her have her way - holding her close and nursing her like a baby.

6 minutes 


Lolette Gives Baby Koneko a Bath

Koneko is napping in the crib, until Lolette comes to check on her.  Koneko's diaper has gotten all wet during her nap, and now it's time for a bath.  Lolette helps her out of the crib and leads her to the bathroom, where she undresses Koneko and takes off her soggy diaper.  Then it's into the tub with Koneko, who gets to play with fun bath toys while Lolette gently washes her with a washcloth.

9 minutes 


Bubbles and the Giant Teddy Bear

Bubbles loves playing in the playpen.  Especially when she has her giant Teddy Bear to keep her company.  He's so big and cuddly, she feels just like a little baby as she snuggles against him.

7 minutes 


Sasha's Wet Training Pants

Sasha wanted to wear training pants instead of a diapers, to show her mommy what a big girl she could be.  It hasn't gone so well for her though, because she's had an accident gotten so soaked that there's a puddle up pee under her.  Mommy Bunny knew Sasha wasn't ready for training pants, and decides to give her a firm spanking to remind her that she isn't a big girl at all.  After her spanking, Bunny puts Sasha back into diapers - just as she belongs!   

12 minutes 


Baby D Diapered by Vanessa and Lolette

D is very reluctant to admit to himself that he likes wearing diapers and being babied.  It's much too embarrassing for a boy to be treated that way.  Mommy Vanessa and Lolette know better, though, and they're going to show him how nice it can be.  They gently but firmly hold him as they remove all of his clothes and push him down onto the changing table.  Lolette starts stroking his cock to calm him down, but D keeps fussing so Mommy Vanessa undoes her nursing bra, grabs the back of D's head, and puts her boobs in his face until he starts breastfeeding like a good little boy.  D feels so helpless and horny by the time Lolette starts taping up his diaper, it looks like he actually wants to feel the soft padding against his cock.

9 minutes 


Koneko in a Black Dress

Koneko just got home from Trick-or-Treating in her pretty black Lolita dress.  Now it's time to show all her candy to her stuffed animal friend "Steve", and maybe eat some of it too.  Her thick diaper keeps peeking out from under her skirt and petticoat as she plays with Steve, and and lays on the floor looking through all her candy.

8 minutes 


Bubbles' Toy Popsicle

Baby Bubbles came to visit our new nursery!  Here she is enjoying some much needed Baby Time, sucking on a big, pink, toy popsicle, and making a bit of a mess.

7 minutes 


Mandie's Diaper Training

Poor little Mandie is all tied up in the crib, being "trained" to enjoy diapers.  Her hands are stuck in mittens and her wrists and ankles are bound in soft, padded cuffs.  This is so she can't tamper with the Magic Wand that's taped to her thigh, pressing against her diaper.  There's no telling how many times she'll have to cum in her diaper before someone comes to check on her.

4 minutes 


Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-3

 I left Koneko restrained in the playpen until she had no choice but to wet herself.  She is totally helpless as I clean her up and change her into an even thicker, more babyish diaper.

9 minutes 


Vanessa Feeds Two Babies

Mommy Vanessa is taking very good care of Lolette and I.  We both cuddle up to her as she feeds us a bottle of milk.  Drinking our bottle, and being so close to Mommy makes both of us want to to be nursed.  We grab at Mommy's clothes until she undoes her buttons and opens her nursing bra for us.  Her boobies are so big and perfect that all we can think about is touching and sucking on them. 

6 minutes 


Lexi Gets a Bottle

One of the first scenes I shot with Baby Lexi.  My baby and I are sharing a tender moment while she drinks her bottle of juice.  I pet her and hold her in my lap as she happily sucks on the bottle's nipple. 

6 minutes 


Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-2

Koneko's punishment for failing to do her homework isn't over yet.  Now that she's been spanked and put back into diapers, I show her to the playpen - where she'll be spending her time-out.  I make her wear padded leather mittens and a spreader-bar to ensure that she can't escape or take her diaper off.  Koneko fusses and struggles against her restraints, until I come back with a bottle of milk for her to drink.  Little Koneko has to stay in her playpen until she wets her diaper like a good little girl.

8 minutes 


Pink and Purple Diapers

Lolette and Koneko are playing together in the nursery.  Their terrycloth diapers are so soft, and they match their tops, too - Pink for Lolette, and purple for Koneko. 

8 minutes 


Winnie Changed by Apple

Winnie is double diapered, but she's completely soaked and it's time for a diaper change.  Mommy Apple wipes her all clean, then gently powders her with a fuzzy powder-puff.  Winnie feels a little fussy at first, but having her diaper changed makes her feel like a happy baby again.

11 minutes 


Winnie is Wet

Adorable Winnie is wearing two diapers with an insert and she has been wetting all morning.  Her diaper is getting soaked and swelling up, it feels so good.  She cuddles her soft, plush teddy bear against her skin, it makes her happy.  Then she drinks a bottle of milk and gets sleepy.

7 minutes 


Bunny Changed by Daddy D

Baby Bunny looks and feels so cute in her pink polka dot dress with knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes.  Under her dress she has soaked her M4 Abena diaper.  She needs a diaper change so Daddy D gets her up on the table to get her all cleaned up and changed.  Bunny alternates between sucking her big pink pacifier, sucking her thumb and cuddling her blankey.  She looks very happy and relaxed in little-space,  this is a very cute set for people who like Daddy/girl scenes.   

10 minutes 


Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-1

Koneko has been a bad school girl.  She hasn't been doing her homework and she tries to deny it.  I give her a good spanking, first over her cotton panties and then on her bare bottom.  I strip her and stand her in the corner to wait while I set up the next part of her punishment... diapers.  I know it's humiliating but if she is going act like an unruly baby I'm going to treat her like one.  I rub lotion and powder on her, then tape her diapers up tightly.  I make her get on her knees and pat her bottom for extra embarrassment.

8 minutes 


Lolette Changes Winnie

Winnie's diaper is soaking wet. Nanny Lolette is keeps her tied down for her diaper change.  Winnie squirms and fusses as she is wiped off, powdered, and put into a dry diaper.

11 minutes 


Adorable Girls Lexi and Koneko

Lexi and Koneko are having a colorful day.  Wearing brightly colored shirts, skirts, and leggings over their thick, soft Bambino diapers. They sit on the floor and color pictures together.

10 minutes 


Apple's Cute White Dress

I'm in my playpen, wearing pink Aww So Cutes under my white skirt.  My bunny keeps me company while I play with a vintage rattle.  I love the pretty sound it makes!

10 minutes 


Mandie Cuffed to the Crib

Mandie doesn't want to use her diapers like a good girl.  Hand-cuffed to the crib in nothing but her diaper and a collar - she's not going anywhere until her diaper is wet, and she's ready to behave herself.

5 minutes 


Vanessa Changes Lexi

Mommy Vanessa is taking care of Baby Lexi today, and it's time to change her.  Lexi is so regressed, she sucks her thumb the entire time her diaper is being changed.

6 minutes 


Abby and Bunny Play in the Nursery

Abby and Bunny are playing with stuffed animals and blocks on the nursery floor, wearing matching Aww So Cute diapers.

8 minutes 


Little Pet Lolette

I'm keeping Lolette as my pet kitten for the day, diapered and locked in a cage.  I feed her a bottle, then make her lay on her back so I can see how wet she is.  I don't think it's time to change her, so I use a Hitachi to make her cum instead.

13 minutes 


Bratty Bubbles' Diaper Change

Baby Bubbles is playing in the nursery when I come in to check on her.  I see that her diaper is all wet - but Bubbles thinks she isn't ready to be changed!  She gets so fussy, I have to ask Sasha come help me.  We bend our struggling baby over for a spanking before we secure her to the changing table with padded cuffs.  Poor little Bubbles is so upset at this point, she cries during the rest of her diaper change.

10 minutes 


Koneko Nurses Lexi

Koneko is being such a good Mommy to little Lexi.  She starts off feeding Lexi a bottle, but soon decides that breastfeeding would be much nicer for both of them.  They try lots of different nursing positions as they share special Mommy & Baby bonding time.

9 minutes 


Bunny's Cute Dress

Bunny is looking adorable in her pink, polka-dot dress.  Her bulky double diaper keeps peeking out as she plays on the floor.

8 minutes 


Dommy Lolette

Baby D gets put in his place by Dommy Lolette.  This loving, submissive baby gets diapered, teased, denied orgasm and put in a cage at the foot of her bed.

15 minutes 


Mandie Gets Punished

Mandie is being so bad.  She's laying in bed, touching herself  - and I catch her in the act!  Of course I have to punish her, so I spank her, strip her naked, and diaper her.  She squirms and pouts while I rub her with lotion and powder, but there's nothing she can do to stop me from covering her naughty private parts with a thick diaper.

8 minutes 


Lolette on the Rocking Horse

Lolette is having some fun on the rocking horse.  She rocks back and forth, but soon all that rocking gives her some excited feelings inside her diaper.  She takes her top off and rubs herself against the horsie's seat.

8 minutes 


Koneko Changes Lexi

Lexi is wet, and needs Mommy Koneko's help.  She gets down on her hands and knees, with her bottom up in the air, to show Mommy just how wet she is.  Koneko wipes Lexi all clean and rubs her little girl with lotion until she cums, before powdering and diapering her cute bottom.

11 minutes 


Leashed to the Crib

Lolette is treating me like her baby pet.  I'm wearing a collar and leash, which are tied to the crib so I can't wander off.  After I've soaked my diaper, Lolette comes in to check on me.  Instead of changing me, she holds me and uses a magic wand to make me cum in my wet diaper.

8 minutes 


Lexi's Cute Diaper Cover

Lexi looks cute in her ruffled diaper cover.  She climbs up into the crib, takes off her top and drinks a bottle of juice.

7 minutes 


Bunny High Chair

It's time for bunny to have a snack.  She's more than happy to eat the gummy candy I give her, but starts to get very fussy when I try to feed her some baby food.  I have to put cuffs on her and hold her by the chin as I spoon feed naughty Bunny.  

10 minutes 


Koneko Tries On Dry 24/7s

Lovely little Koneko takes her panties off and diapers herself.  She loves the way it feels to sit on top of a thick diaper, and she looks very sexy doing it.

5 minutes 


Bad Girl Lolette pt-2

Lolette has been a very bad girl, and I've had to punish her.  She's on "Time-Out", diapered and restrained to the wall with leather cuffs and a spreader-bar.  When I decide she's ready to behave herself, I check her diaper and remove some of the restraints.  Then I put her on a leash, making her act like my little pet before feeding her a bottle of milk.

5 minutes 


Lolette's New Toy

Mommy Vanessa is nursing Little Lolette, who loves having Mommy's nipples in her mouth.  When Vanessa decides it's time to put her boobies away, Lolette starts to get fussy - She wasn't done sucking yet!  Luckily, Mommy has a colorful toy popsicle for her to put in her mouth instead.  After a bit of coaxing, Lolette decides she likes sucking on her new toy.

5 minutes 


Bunny in Bambinos

Bunny Plays with toys before she is put in the highchair. We get to see lots of cute veiws of her thick Bambino Classico diaper.

6 minutes 


Mandie Playpen Bondage

Mandie is stuck in the playpen wearing double thick Aww So Cute diapers under pink locking plastic pants.  She is made to wait with her legs spread wide by a spreader bar and locked on mittens.  She grabs at her thick diapers but there is no way she can touch herself.  She climbs on her teddy bear and rubs up and down on him. 

6 minutes 


Apple Wet 247

I soaked my Conficare 247 diaper which makes it puff up and press against me.  It's such a turn-on!  I use my vibrating wand to orgasm. 

7 minutes 


Vanessa Nurses Lexi

Nurse Vanessa is taking care of Baby Lexi.  After she finishes showing Lexi a picture book, it's time for the baby's bottle.  Lexi drinks all of her milk, but she isn't satisfied until Vanessa breastfeeds her. 

9 minutes 


Diaper Lovers

Lolette is showing Sasha how sexy diapers can be.  She looks so good in her diaper and high heels - Sasha lays down and lets her friend put a diaper on her too.

11 minutes 


Bunny Punishes Abby

Bunny has to be a disciplinarian mommy today, because Abby has been misbehaving.  She's been so bad, she needs an over-the-knee spanking and diapers.  Bunny straps a pacifier gag into her mouth, and cuffs her hands to the changing table before powdering and diapering her pink bottom.

10 minutes 


Apple in a Conficare Dry 24/7 pt-2

I'm relaxing in my bedroom, trying out a new Conficare 24/7 diaper.  It's very thick, and I think the over-sized tapes make it look extra babyish.  I drink my bottle until my diaper gets all wet!

7 minutes 


Lolette Diapers Apple

Lolette has me in soft cuffs and takes my pretty white cotton panties away, making me very pouty and upset.  She wants me to suck on a baby pacifier and she has a special surprise for me, a butt plug for my little bottom.  She rubs lotion all over my pussy and I start to relax a little, but I don't want a butt plug - it makes me feel like such a baby.  When she slides it in I start feeling very embarrassed and regressed.  She powders me and tapes the soft diapers up on me, I feel so helpless to her. 

9 minutes 


Apple in a Conficare 24/7 Diaper

I'm relaxing in my bedroom, sucking on my pacifier and my thumb.  I'm also trying out a new Conficare 24/7 diaper.  It's very thick, and I think the over-sized tapes make it look extra babyish.  What do you think?

6 minutes 


Koneko and Lolette

Koneko and Lolette have been left in the playpen to keep them out of trouble for a while.  They've also been put in triple-thick diapers to make sure there aren't any leaks until Mommy has time to change them.  They have blocks, stacking rings, bottles, and a big, cuddly Teddy Bear to keep them occupied. 

7 minutes 


Mandie Spanked and Diapered

Mandie has been a naughty little girl, and now it's time for her punishment.  Her Daddy pulls her over his lap and spanks her bare bottom.  The punishment doesn't end there, though.  Daddy strips off all her clothes, lifts her up, and places her on the changing table.  Mandie futilely protests and squirms, trying to get out of what's coming next.  No matter how hard she struggles, she's helpless to stop Daddy from holding her down, rubbing her with lotion and powder, and wrapping her in a very babyish diaper. She's then left on the changing table until she wets.

9 minutes 


Lily Plays in the Crib

Cute little Lily is wearing a short baby dress that hardly covers her thick Bambino diaper. She plays make believe with an ice cream and shares with her friends.

6 minutes 


Mommy Vanessa changes Lolette

Mommy Vanessa knows it's time for Lolette to get a diaper change.  She Picks Lolette up and puts her on the changing table, then wipes her clean and powders her with a powder puff.  Lolette is so happy about her dry diaper she gives Mommy a big hug.

7 minutes 


Sasha Nurses Bubbles

Mommy Sasha tries to feed Bubbles a bottle of milk, but her little girl is getting very fussy about it.  It's clear she'd rather be nursing on her Mommy instead.  Giving up on the bottle, Sasha holds Bubbles tenderly in her lap and breastfeeds her.

7 minutes 


Diaper Therapy for Bunny pt-3

I release my patient Bunny from the straps holding her wrists and ankles together, and help her off the changing table.  I can't leave her unrestrained, however.  So, I put her into a straight-jacket and make sure all the straps are very secure, before leaving her on the floor to finish her "therapy".

7 minutes 


Odette's Made to Wet

Odette has to wait on top of a waterproof pad, cuffed to the crib until she wets her diaper like a good little pet.  She's still dry when I check on her, so I help her drink a bottle of water.  Before long, she's wetting while I hold her and touch her diaper.

6 minutes 


Lolette Changes Her Little Brother

Lolette's baby brother has a wet diaper, and he needs her help.  She wipes him off, and playfully rubs him with lotion and powder.  His cock gets so excited, but she wraps it in a fresh diaper before he has an accident. 

12 minutes 


Koneko Wets Her Pants

Koneko has been a naughty girl!  She had an accident, and now her shorts are all wet.  I have no choice but to spank her, strip her naked, and put her back into diapers. 

9 minutes 


Mandie on the Rocking Horse

It's impossible to feel like a grown up when you're riding a rocking horse.  Being dressed like a baby doesn't help either.  Mandie looks adorable in double-thick Aww So Cute diapers as she happily rocks back and forth.

5 minutes 


Lolette Changes Abby

Abby and Lolette are being good little girls together in the playpen.  They happily play with toys until Lolette notices that Abby has a wet diaper.  She makes Abby lay down and changes her.  What a good friend!

6 minutes 

Apple Feeds Lily a Bottle

Baby Lily has finished having snack time in the highchair.  Now it's time for me to hold her in my lap and feed her a yummy bottle of juice.

5 minutes 


Arianna in Bondage

Arianna is bound, diapered, and completely helpless.  With her arms tied above her head, her legs forced apart by a spreader bar, her diaper securely locked inside a chastity belt, blindfolded, and gagged - there is nothing she can do but struggle and squirm.  I spend some time with my captive, teasing her, checking to see if she's wet, and running my hands all over her.  Arianna probably can't see it, but I'm wearing a thick diaper too.

7 minutes 

Sasha Changes Baby Lolette

Baby Lolette's diaper needs to be changed.  Mommy Sasha lays her down and wipes her until she's all clean, then gently rubs her with lotion and baby powder, and wraps her back up in another soft diaper.

7 minutes 

Baby Mandie

Tiny, adorable, and naughty - Say hello to Mandie!  Here she is wearing tights over her thick diaper, enjoying some "little time" in bed. 

9 minutes 

Apple Uses the Magic Wand on Odette

Lucky little Odette has been a good girl, and now Mommy is going to reward her.  I tease her with a Magic Wand, bounce her on my knee, and hold her in my lap until the Magic Wand makes her cum. 

8 minutes 

Bunny Plays in the Crib

Bunny is enjoying some baby time in the crib.  She plays with soft blocks and plastic keys - even has a chat on a toy cell phone.  She's wearing a little pink t-shirt and double thick Bambinos. 

5 minutes 




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